Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Second Entry in Simon Says Stamp blog challenge, Dec. 28, 2011

There was a video online by Becca of Amazing Paper Grace where she made a honeycomb Christmas ornament  I made this heart ornament for Valentine's Day using a cut file I made on Sure Cuts a Lot cutting out (24) 8 inch x 6 inch hearts and assembling them in a similar manner like Becca did in her tutorial only tweeking it a little to get some extra "honeycombs" to it.

Simon Says Stamp is having a blog challenge where you can basically enter any creation, it doesn't have to have a stamp on it, so I am entering this also.  You can see all the entries at   That is where I bought the Christmas tree and wreath stamps we used on our cards in class this past December, along with a ton of other supplies we've been using.  They are very gracious in having a coupon code to waive the cost of shipping normally, which makes a huge difference to someone like me who only works one night a week, teaching others what I love to do, crafting.

Simon Says Stamp blog challenge -- Dec. 28, 2011

These are some giant medallions that I am entering in the blog challenge at Simon Says
I buy a lot of the tools we use in class from Simon Says Stamp, most recently the embossing pillows which I love.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that these medallions are a winner and we can get some money to buy more tools for class.

Honeycomb Hearts -- Wed. , Jan. 4, 5:30pm, and Sat. Jan. 7, 10-2 $15.00

this is the large heart 9 x 8 inches
this is the small heart which is 5 x 4 inches

In class we will be making a honeycomb heart ornament.  This is made with regular weight scrapbook paper.  I chose paper with two different designs on it and alternated the hearts (pattern A, pattern B, A,B ,etc). The small heart is a Sizzix die cut on the Vagabond and the large heart is a Cricut file.  Plantain Schoolhouse has a nice heart and George and Basic Shapes has one too, both are Cricut cartridges.

If you want to bring your own paper, please bring a total of 6 sheets of 12x12 designer scrapbook paper.  If you want, you can bring 3 of one color and 3 of another, but not cardstock as that will be too heavy.  You will want a total of 30 hearts for the small honeycomb heart.  However, I am providing paper, so you don't really need to bring any.

All you need to bring to class is  a package of mini glue dots (green box), scissors, and tweezers.  Please email me by Monday, Jan. 2 if you would like to take this class, and let me know if you want to make the big heart or the smaller one.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Heart Baskets --Wed., Jan. 11, 6:00pm $15.00

In this class we will make the heart baskets which are 6" tall (scalloped heart size) by 5.4" wide and they hold more than 18 pieces of Andes candy bars.  You can make these at home afterward on your Cricut or using the Spellbinders Scalloped Hearts Nestabilities Die.   I will provide all the paper and ribbon, you just need a pair of scissors, Scor Tape or other permanent two sided tape that is 1/2 inch wide or 1/4 inch wide.  I will provide the punches and scoring boards if you want to make the rosettes (instructions will be provided as well).  These baskets are very sturdy and hold a lot of candy.

Please email me by Jan. 9 if you would like to take this class, or call me at 410-381-7944.
Thanks.  Ann

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sweet Treat Cup Valentine Cards - Wed., Jan. 18, 6:00pm, $10

The secret to these cards is in the tag -- it simply slides out to reveal the cup which you can keep refilling instead of having to rip the card apart to get at the candy.  All materials are provided, but you need to bring scissors, and 1/4 inch Scor-Tape or other permanent two sided tape if you have it, and a bottle of glossy accents too.  You should have time to make about 3-4 cards.

Email me at by 1/16 if you wish to take this class.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Snowman Sweet Treats cards,Thurs., Dec. 29 at 6:00pm $10.00

What a great card to give to a child for the holidays or to let the child give to their teacher. Fill it with treats and keep refilling it over and over again with a secret door that I will show you how to make so you don't have to tear the card apart to get at the treats inside the cup. All you need to bring to class is your roller adhesive, scissors and a fine tip glue pen.

And don't forget, this is still buy one/get one free week.  Bring a friend who has never been to one of
my classes and they get in free, plus you get a free class to take in 2012.
email or call me by Dec. 27 if you want to sign up for this class.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giant Medallions - Wed., Dec. 28, 10-2pm, $25

 This week is bring a friend or relative week, someone who has never taken one of my classes, and that person gets the class for free, plus you get a free class to take any time later in the year. Bring 2 friends, they both get in for free, plus you will get 2 free classes later in the year.

These medallions are made on the Martha Stewart scoring board, but if you don't have one, don't worry, I have several to loan out. You can make the shaped ones like the poinsettia or the edge punched ones. This class is a 4 hour class just to give any beginners time to complete the project, but most people will finish it within 2.5 hours. You can either bring your own scrapbook paper, 6 sheets of 12x12, or 6 sheets of plain lightweight cardstock 8 1/2 x 11 for the medallions you punch around the edges ; 8 sheets of each for the star/poinsettia shaped ones (I'd bring extra to leave room for errors). Or you can use the paper that I will provide. These look great hanging on a wall or on your front door.

We will also learn how to make the snowflake rosettes that are on the white medallions. They are made with a Martha Stewart corner punch that comes in the Punch Around the Page set, so if you want to learn how to make those, just bring any corner punch. I used the embroidered floral corner punch and the raindrop corner punch.

Materials needed: Martha Stewart scoring board (or borrow one of mine, just let me know ahead of time), 1/4 inch two sided permanent tape such as Scor-Tape, scissors, a paper trimmer (or borrow one of mine), a deep edge punch if you have one if you are going to punch around the edge of the circular medallion, and a corner punch with a design in it by Martha Stewart if you want to learn how to make the rosettes. If you want to edge your rosettes in gold or silver, just bring a gold or silver leafing pen.

If you are bringing a friend for the free class, please let me know that in your email so I know to bring enough materials. These medallions are super fun and easy to make but this class won't be offered again for a long time.

Please email me at by Dec. 23 if you would like to take this class. If you have an idea of which medallion you would like to make and in what color, let me know so I can bring that paper and embellishments to go with it. This is a great class with unlimited possibilities on what you can make once you learn the technique.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinecone Class -- Monday, Dec. 19, 6:00pm, $20

Wouldn't these pinecones look beautiful hanging from the garland inside the house or hanging from an ornament on the tree?

You need a large stylus to make these as you will be rolling each petal to add dimension to it before adhering it to the base. You can make a large pinecone or a smaller one. They can also be made two back to back as an ornament to hang on your tree.

Materials you will need are: a large to medium ball stylus, roller adhesive, liquid glue or 1/4 inch two sided tape or Glossy Accents, tweezers, full sized pair of scissors with long blades, and a non-stick craft mat if you have one or a piece of scrap paper to work on.

We will be learning how to make the pinecones doublesided, so you will make two pinecones put together to be used as an ornament or to be hung on garland, or you can keep them separate and have two single ones to put on a card. Reserve your spot by Friday, Dec. 16 please by emailing me at

I'd love to squeeze this class in before Christmas in case anyone wants to learn how to make these to use around their house or to put on their I will offer

Photo wheels for scrapbooks or cards -- class coming soon

With the turn of the wheel, you expose a different photo each time and a different caption in the circle above the photo.............these can be made to any size to fit into a card or on a scrapbook page. This one happens to be an 8 inch circle because I wanted the photos to be fairly large. You can make the wheel hold as many or as few photos as you want as well, to accomodate the size of photo that you want to show. The top layer can be cut out of designer scrapbook paper; I just kept mine simple for my nephew's Tae Kwon Do Scrapbook that I am working on, but you can make the top layer as elaborate as you want.

This class will be offered sometime in January.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honeycomb Ornaments - Wed, Dec. 21, 6:00pm $25.

In this class you will have your choice of making either honeycomb ornament. They are both Spellbinders dies which can be purchased online at Email me if you want their 40% off discount code which will reduce the cost of one die down to $14.99. The Christmas tree die is available at Joann Fabric store. You can actually use any shape cut on the Cricut as well, as long as the shape is totally symmetical from one side to the other.

Back to the class details, since it takes 18 of the same shape die to make one ornament, and I only have the two dies to use (we will be using the two largest dies) I will have to cut the shapes ahead of time on my paper. If you want to order the dies now online, you will have them in plenty of time to cut your own on your own paper. Any questions, just email me or call me.

The blue ornament is the Spellbinders 2010 Heirloom Ornament #S4-283 if you order it at the website above, and the red one is the 2011 Heirloom Ornament #S4-334. Both are $24.99 originally and NOT available on (I already checked).

I will provide the paper, the crystals to hang from the ornaments, and the hangers. All you need to bring is a package of mini glue dots, but please make sure they are PERMANENT ONES, not repositionable ones, and they need to be MINI sized. Anything bigger won't work. It takes half a full box to make one ornament. . Also bring tweezers ***** very important. It will be impossible to put all the glue dots on without tweezers. If you have a non-stick craft mat, bring that also.

Since I will be doing a lot of cutting for this class, I would appreciate hearing from you if you would like to reserve a spot by Dec. 19 at the latest. If fewer than 5 people sign up for this class, then you can bring your own paper and you will be doing the cutting yourselves in class. Any more than 5 and I will have to do all the cutting at home.

If you want to take this class but can't make it on Wed. night, just email me and we can try to set up a second class time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa bag and pillow box gift card holder, Wed., Dec. 14, 6:00 to 7:50, $20

What a cute way to wrap your holiday gift to someone -- a matching gift bag and gift card holder or put something else in the pillow box as it will accomodate larger items. In this class you will learn how to make the Perfect Gift Bag in all different sizes, from the largest which is made out of two pieces of 12x12 cardstock to the smallest which is made out of two pieces of 8x8 cardstock (the Santa bag), but you can go even smaller. The pillow box can also be made in a variety of sizes and you will have the opportunity to make several bags and gift card holders. You don't have to make them all look like the Santa suit. If you want to bring your own printed cardstock, you can, just make sure you bring two matching pieces for each bag. You can use matching 8.5 x 11 as well.

I will have paper available to make the Santa bag and gift card holders in a variety of sizes. I will also provide all the brads and ribbon. You just need to bring two sided adhesive tape in 1/2 inch width, scissors, and a scoring board or let me know that you need to borrow one of mine. Also bring your paper trimmer.

These are super easy to make and can be adjusted to any size easily. So bring your paper packs of designer cardstock (medium to heavy weight works best without a lot of glitter as the scoring doesn't work well thru the glitter) if you want to make more than just the Santa sack. Class needs to start promptly at 6:00 if you want to make bags in all different sizes.

Please email me by Monday night, Dec. 12, if you would like to take this class on Wed. Dec. 14 or call me at 410-381-7944.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Schedule change, Saturday, Nov. 19 Accordion Bound Albums Class now available

Due to several requests for the 8x8 mini albums class, I have taken the star albums off the schedule for this Saturday and am replacing that class with the accordion bound 8x8 album class. A separate post is being sent with all the details. So many of you were interested in this when you saw the Halloween mini album that I figured I would try to offer the class as soon as possible for you. I realize things are hectic right now with the holidays under way, so if you can't make it to this class, I will offer it again in January.

The accordion bound album class will be quick and you can do your shopping early that Saturday morning, go home and eat lunch, them come in and relax and take the class. It really is an easy class.

Hope to hear from some of you. I will have my left over embellishments from the Halloween album with me for sale at very inexpensive prices if you are interested on Saturday.

How to make an 8x8 accordion fold album, Sat., Nov. 19, $20, 2:30 to 4:30 pm

I wanted to keep the Christmas 8x8 album simple compared to the Halloween album so I'd have a lot more room for photos as in a normal scrapbook.

this is the 4x4 accordion fold pocket that goes inside or on a scrapbook page

In this class we will make an 8x8 accordion bound album and also the 4x4 accordion fold pocket that can go on any scrapbook or mini album page -- it unfolds and reveals extra pages for your photos on both sides. The Halloween mini album (see separate post) is actually a 6x6 album, so if you wanted to make that size, we will modify the 8x8 easily for you. You will be making one album and one mini 4x4 to go inside. These are very sturdy albums that don't require chipboard covers. This is part one of the mini album series. The matchbook and special tags will be offered at a later date.

I will also bring some of my leftover embellishments from the makings of the Halloween mini album if you are interested in any of that to purchase. Class will start at 2:30. Please bring a paper trimmer, about 8 sheets of 12x12 cardstock medium weight, and about 10 sheets of all one color of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock for the album pages. You will also need a roll of 1/2" two sided tape and scissors. Please bring a scoring board also. If you don't have one, let me know and I'll bring an extra one for you to borrow. We won't be embellishing these in class, so you don't need to bring any scrapbook paper, just your cardstock. Please email me by Friday 11/18 if you would like to take this class or call me at 410-381-7944.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pop-Up Cards -- Monday, Nov. 21, 6:00-7:50, $20

In this class we will make pop-up cards which will have up to 4 different levels to them. I will have die cuts and my Cuttlebug with me so you can decorate your card either as a holiday card. If you have dies that you want to use, you can bring them as well along with your cutting machine. You will be shown how to cut the pop-ups and then how to make a template for yourself to use to make multiple cards later on.

I will provide the paper to make the ornaments card. If you want to make a different card, please bring an assortment of paper including 12x12 cardstock. You will need roller adhesive, tweezers and scissors and some foam dots.
Please email me by Saturday night, Nov. 18 if you would like to take this class.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 6x6 Accordion Fold Mini Album

This album is filled with techniques: First, it is a 6x6 accordion fold bound album. Next it has a 4x4 accordion fold mini album inside on one of it's pages and it also has the tombstone which is accordion folded in 3 parts. Then there is a matchbook which contains a flip down book of 4 tags in their own pockets. There are also trifold tags which hold a lot of photos and corner pockets which hold bigger tags. It's just filled with a lot of fun. This class will be one where I will teach the techniques of all of the above but we will not be embellishing the album. It took me 36 hours to complete this album from start to finish.

I don't have a date scheduled for this class yet, but it will be soon. This album could also be a Thanksgiving album or Christmas album, or for a trip, birthday or any event. I just decided to do it for Halloween since I had a lot of Halloween stickers to use. If you wnat to see the album in person, it will be on display at Hobby Lobby on Friday, Nov. 4 and Sat. Nov. 5 in the mornings until 12:00 or so.