Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honeycomb Ornaments - Wed, Dec. 21, 6:00pm $25.

In this class you will have your choice of making either honeycomb ornament. They are both Spellbinders dies which can be purchased online at http://www.ucutathome.com/. Email me if you want their 40% off discount code which will reduce the cost of one die down to $14.99. The Christmas tree die is available at Joann Fabric store. You can actually use any shape cut on the Cricut as well, as long as the shape is totally symmetical from one side to the other.

Back to the class details, since it takes 18 of the same shape die to make one ornament, and I only have the two dies to use (we will be using the two largest dies) I will have to cut the shapes ahead of time on my paper. If you want to order the dies now online, you will have them in plenty of time to cut your own on your own paper. Any questions, just email me or call me.

The blue ornament is the Spellbinders 2010 Heirloom Ornament #S4-283 if you order it at the website above, and the red one is the 2011 Heirloom Ornament #S4-334. Both are $24.99 originally and NOT available on Joann.com (I already checked).

I will provide the paper, the crystals to hang from the ornaments, and the hangers. All you need to bring is a package of mini glue dots, but please make sure they are PERMANENT ONES, not repositionable ones, and they need to be MINI sized. Anything bigger won't work. It takes half a full box to make one ornament. . Also bring tweezers ***** very important. It will be impossible to put all the glue dots on without tweezers. If you have a non-stick craft mat, bring that also.

Since I will be doing a lot of cutting for this class, I would appreciate hearing from you if you would like to reserve a spot by Dec. 19 at the latest. If fewer than 5 people sign up for this class, then you can bring your own paper and you will be doing the cutting yourselves in class. Any more than 5 and I will have to do all the cutting at home.

If you want to take this class but can't make it on Wed. night, just email me and we can try to set up a second class time.


  1. Do you happen to have the 2010 Heirloom Ornament die stamp set?

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