Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mother/Daughter & Bring a Friend Week, Dec. 26-31

As kids will be out of school this week (and teachers too), I will have a special all week for my classes ..... bring your daughter (or son, age 10 and older) or a friend who has never been to one of my classes with you and that person gets in free to their first class. If you have two friends or children that you want to bring to the same class, they both get in free. I will try to plan my classes that week to be extra fun ones that don't involve the use of any heat guns, glue guns or sharp tools.

If you bring a friend with you who has never taken one of my classes during this week of December, you will also get a free class any time during the upcoming year yourself.

I will post details about these classes in a few weeks.


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