Sunday, January 1, 2012

Honeycomb hearts -- Wed., Jan. 4 at 5:30pm / Sat. Jan. 7 at 10am, $15 large heart

 the large heart
The small heart with double sided paper
another small heart with double sided paper


These are new photos showing the honeycomb heart ornaments using a different cut file.........this time I used the Plantain Schoolbook Cricut cartridge to cut the hearts and it gave the hearts a more "hearty" look to them, I think.  So I will be cutting both sized hearts at home using my paper on the Cricut.  The small heart will be cut using double sided paper in the Valentine packs that just came out at Michaels but the big hearts take 16 sheets of paper so they are going to be cut on single sided scrapbook paper but you will use two different patterns in the one heart.

I also found red gems to dangle from the hearts in all different sizes, and purple glittery hearts as well.  So you will have a big selection of danglers as well as paper to choose from.

Everyone will be making the big hearts in class, and if we have time, I will have kits available to make the small hearts for $5.00.  You can either start the small hearts in class or bring them home and work on them with the template and instructions that come in the kit.  I think once you see the small hearts you will want to make one of those as well.  But that is up to you. By registering for the class and making the big heart, you have the advantage of being able to purchase the small heart kit as it will only be available to those who take this class and make the big heart.

Please email me by Monday (tomorrow) if you wish to take this class on Wed., Jan. 4.  You will need to bring one full box of mini glue dots, a pair of tweezers to apply the glue dots with, and a pair of scissors.

If you wish to take the class on Saturday, Jan. 7 from 10-2, please email me by Wed., Jan. 4.

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