Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looks like the hurricane hit my craft room

The hurricane really didn't affect us, but this is what my craft room looks like now that we have moved into our new house...........I can barely walk into the doorway.  The shelves on the wall are too narrow to hold much of anything so they are coming down eventually.  I need to have more shelves put up that will hold larger items.  Two days before we moved into the house I had slipped on the hardwood floors and injured my leg pretty badly, laying me up for most of the month of October.  I thought I could get back to teaching classes again in November but there's no way I can muddle through this mess to pull out what I need.  I did manage to make one card while the power was out this week only to realize how frustrating is was to try finding what I needed in the craft room.  It made me realize that I am not organized enough to teach classes nor is my leg physically capable yet of hauling all my stuff into class with me.  Due to this, I will post my card ideas online and provide as much info. as I can so you can make the cards on your own at home.  Once my room gets organized and my leg heals, I hope to be back to teaching classes after the new year or sooner.

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