Thursday, December 13, 2012

Double Embossed Technique cards

Double embossed cards means you are using two embossing folders on one card.  Normally if you use two folders after each other, one will wipe out the impression from the other and you will be left with mostly just the embossing from the second folder.  To double emboss, you need to do a separate step that puts pressure on the first embossed part like the diffusers I used in previous posts.  There is a link here which shows you how to make these cards:

These are some of the steps you need to take:

 First, emboss your paper like you normally would with any folder.  I used a new embossing folder from Hobby Lobby.  Doesn't it look like the expensive one from Stampin' Up?  It's on sale this week at Hobby Lobby $4.99 minus 40% off.  They have lots of great new embossing folders.  If they are out of the ones you want, ask for a rain check.
 Second step:  Use the second embossing folder of your choice, such as a small frame from Stampin' Up.  Cut out a cardboard oval the same size as the inside of the oval frame and attach it to the outside of the folder.  Insert your embossed paper, center the oval embossing folder, and run it through your machine, but this is where it takes some patience.  You don't need two B plates if using your Cuttlebug.  I used an A plate,  the embossing folder, 3 cardboard shims, a tan spellbinders mat, and a B plate.  Your machine may require fewer cardboard shims.  You really need to play with it to get the pressure just right.
This is how it should come out, with the oval embossing on top of the first embossing.  The center oval does not come out totally clean of the first embossing, however; so you probably want to cut an oval out of a separate piece of paper to fit inside the frame.  The smallest oval from the Sizzix Stampin' Up ovals die fits perfectly inside this frame:

This technique works best with embossing folders that don't have a ton of embossing on them when used in the first step.  I tried it with folders that have a lot more embossing to them and it didn't come out so great.  This one folder from Hobby Lobby seems to work the best, but I have so many embossing folders, I just didn't have the time to try them all out.

Good Luck with the new technique.  You can always find more information on it and more videos if you do a search on YouTube for Double Embossing.

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