Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beaded Raven's Necklace class -- two dates offered

This class will be offered twice:

Saturday, Jan. 26 from 3-4:30pm AND
Monday, Jan. 28 from 6-7:30pm

You only need to sign up for one of the classes as they are both the same.  However, class size is limited due to the number of beads I was able to purchase, so please reserve your spot early by emailing me with your preferred date at AnnGreenspan@gmail.com.

 The cost is $12.00* for the class.  See details below:

I will provide the beads (exactly like in the photo for the first 8 people to sign to sign up and very similar to the ones in the top photo for anyone after the first 8), the bottle caps and an assortment of Ravens digital images, and the ribbons but you will need to pick up a necklace at the store.  This is the necklace that you will need to bring with you to class:

It is item #547661 and is on the Bottom Row in the jewelry dept. at Hobby Lobby toward the very back of the store in Columbia.  It does not have a chain on the clasp, that is a different kind of necklace and will not work.  Please make sure you bring this necklace as it is just the right size to fit into the opening of the beads.
Also, please do not wait until the day of the class to purchase this necklace as it might be out of stock.  If you know you want to take the class, purchase the necklace now before it goes out of stock.

*If you cannot get to the store before the class to purchase the necklace cord, I can provide the necklace cord for you but the cost of the class will then be $15.00.  Please let me know when you sign up if you have a necklace cord or if you will be buying one of mine.

Since you can change bottle caps that you put on the necklace by just opening the jump ring on the bottle cap, you will need to bring the following supplies with you to make the extra bottle caps:

A bottle of Scotch quick dry adhesive or a roll of large glue dots
A 1" circle hole punch if you have one
A 1.8mm metal jewelry hole punch if you have one (not necessary but makes the class go faster and you will be able to make more bottle caps if you have your own jewelry punch -- available at HL in the bottle cap dept.
Fine nosed jewelry pliers or needle nose pliers if you have some to open the jump rings with
Scissors to cut ribbon with
A bone folder to press out bubbles on the bottle caps, if you have one, if not we can share

This is the 1.8mm metal hole punch:

If you want to dangle a charm from the necklace, you can bring one (also available at Hobby Lobby but may not be available on the day of the class, they cost $1.47):

We will not be making this necklace, I am just showing it to show the charm below the bottle cap.

The cost of the class is $12.00 payble in cash only the night of the class please.  Class size is limited due to the fact that I could only get a certain number of beads.  Please email me at AnnGreenspan@gmail.com if you want to take this class.  You will leave the class with one complete beaded necklace and up to 10-15 extra Raven's bottle caps to swap out for the one on the necklace.

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