Monday, January 7, 2013

Bottle Cap Class Coming Soon

I will be having some classes at the Columbia, MD Hobby Lobby toward the end of January on what to do with Bottle Caps -- from how to flatten them in your Cuttlebug, how to make Bottle Cap jewelry, and what to put on your bottle caps -- all these things rolled into one class.  Bottle caps are extremely popular on the  West Coast and are coming this way.  The idea behind them is to make a lot of bottle cap medallions and swap them with friends while wearing one at a time on a chain or stretchy cord necklace.

You can hang the bottle caps on a chain or any type of necklace, make them into zipper pulls for backpacks,  put them on cards and scrapbook pages as embellishments, put them on hairbows, etc.  In class, you will be given an assortment of bottle caps which you can either flatten or leave as is, then embellish them with digital prints / beads / or other things provided, and cover them with epoxy covers or Glossy Accents.  You will also be given one chain to make a necklace with.  I will also show you how to make the smaller bottle cap earrings.

The tools we will be using in class will consist of the following:

The top picture is an 8mm split ring tool.  While this tool is not necessary when making bottle cap jewelry, it really makes it easier to open the split rings to put them in the bottle cap holes without breaking your finger nails.  This tool is only available at Hobby Lobby as far as I know (and online).  If you purchase it ahead of time you can use a coupon on it.

The next tool that is essential with bottle caps is a metal hole punch.  I tried using my Crop-A-Dile before purchasing this other tool but the Crop-A-Dile is too big and doesn't reach into the tiny rim of the bottle caps.  The metal hole punch is a 1.8mm one which works perfectly with the 8mm split rings we will be using. The split rings and metal hole punch are both available at Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbook dept.  The hole punch is not absolutely necessary in order to take the class but if you plan on making bottle cap jewelry on your own you will definitely want one.

When working with bottle caps you will always need a 1" circle punch to punch out your digital images or words.  I will provide some punches for class use, but if you have one, please bring it with you.

Another necessary item when working with bottle caps is a good clear glue.  I like Glossy Accents because it dries quickly and you can do a lot of other things with it, as I will show you in class.  If you take this class, you will need to bring a bottle of Glossy Accents with you.  It is available at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.
You will also need to bring a pair of fine tip tweezers for picking up tiny beads.

I also like to use Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive on the bottle caps as it is Photo Safe whereas Glossy Accents is not.  We will use both adhesives in class; Glossy Accents will be used to adhere the glass covers on the bottle caps and if you are using beads on your bottle caps.  The Scotch Quick Dry will be used on every bottle cap to adhere the image to the cap itself as Glossy Accents will soak thru the image.

A list of supplies you will therefore need to bring to class will be:

A bottle of Glossy Accents and a bottle of Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
A pair of fine tip tweezers (Hobby Lobby has nice ones for less than $4.00)
A 1" circle punch if you have one
A pair of scissors
A metal hole punch 1.8mm if you have one, not mandatory unless you plan on making jewelry at home
An 8mm split ring tool if you have one, helps reduce splitting your fingernails if you are concerned about that
A baggie to put your bottle caps in after class and a tupperware container to put the bottle caps that need time to dry inside.   If you plan on using the Glossy Accents as a "filler" with beads, it will need time to dry overnight; therefore, you will want a container to carry it home in so it doesn't tip over.

The cost of the class is $20 cash (no checks anymore please), payable to me at the time of the class.

Class dates will be as follows:

Monday, Jan. 21 (MLK Day -- no public school) -- 2pm to 5pm
Saturday, Feb. 2 -- 10am to 1pm
Friday, Feb. 15, 10-1pm  (no public school today)
Monday, Feb. 18, 2-5pm (President's Day, no public school)

If you want to sign up for a class, please email me at the address below to reserve your spot and let me know which date above you want to reserve.  You must email me at least 4 days prior to the class date.  I will send everyone a confirmation email back so look in your spam folders if you do not get an email back from me in your inbox.  Do not email me from this blog.  You must send the email to my personal email address:  Class size is limited and expected to fill very fast.
If you are a mother / daughter group and just the daughter is making the bottle caps,  you only need to pay for one person.  If you are bringing two daughters or more with you, email me for a group discount price.
No children under the age of 10 please.

If you have any questions about this class, please email me at

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