Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Raven's Earrings Available $5.00 a pair

I finally have  photos of the earrings I have been making.  The first earrings are made using the small bottle caps, so the images inside the bottle caps are 1/2 inch and are covered with a round epoxy dot.  All small earrings are made using silver bottle caps.

(sorry for the bad photo, these are the small earrings also)

The larger earrings can be made with metallic purple bottle caps:

These last two sets of large earrings do not have the bottle caps, they are just in epoxy dots:

I only use nickel free, hypo-allergenic fish hooks.  You can have any of the images below put in the earrings (click on the images to make them bigger):

If you want to order earrings, please email me at

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