Thursday, June 20, 2013

Punch around the Circle cards

If you use the corner punch that comes in the Martha Stewart punch around the page punch set, close the flaps on the punch, and punch around a circle, you can come up with some amazing looking circles:

This is just one of the Martha Stewart corner punches.  It is different from a normal punch that punches out shapes in that it has two side flaps that open and close.  Normal shape punches do not have these flaps.

This card was made using just the corner punch, so the background is a circular shape.  The flower is the Spellbinders Rose Creations rose cut out of vellum.

This card was made using the entire punch around the page set, so the background is square.  The flower is the Spellbinder's Carnation Creation die cut out of vellum.

These are some others as a result of punching around a circle with just the corner punch:

Of course there is a very easy way to make sure your punches are all evenly spaced around the circle.  In class, we use a circle grid which divides a circle into 360 degrees.  It is something that can be downloaded for free online here:

You simply place your cut out circle in any size from 3.5" to 8 or 9 inches on the grid, depending if you want your circle to go on a card or scrapbook page, mark a line for every 3rd or 4th line on the grid, depending on the punch you are using (some punches are wider than others and will require a spacing of every 40 degrees or every 4th line on the grid).

Then turn your punch upside down so you are looking at the cut side of it.  Line up the "V" on the edge of the punch exactly on one of the lines you drew on the circle and punch.  Move your punch to the next line and punch again.  If the punches are coming out too close and punching on top of each other, try using either a slightly bigger circle or increasing the space between each line.

When you are done, layer either a digital image on top of the punched circle or put a flower on it like I did in the cards above.

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