Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Purple beaded Raven's necklaces and earrings

Unofficial Raven's earrings and necklaces for sale:   $5.00 earrings,   $15.00 necklace.

Necklace has a bottlecap center with two different pictures, one on the front and one on the back,  making this necklace interchangeable in that you can wear it either on the front side or the back side.  The picture inside the bottlecap is exactly 1" circle.

The necklace has a lobster clasp and several ceramic and glass/poly beads.  The bottlecap on the necklace is purple, some have a glittered purple bottlecap.

The earrings are made using hypo allergenic wires.  The bottlecaps on the earrings are 1/2" in size chrome/silver colored and have the picture in the center as shown in the necklace in photo #1 with the starburst background.  The logos on both the earrings and necklaces are protected by a clear cover.  The earrings also come with rubber grips on the back to secure them in place when worn.

I am selling the necklaces and earrings at my garage sale in Ellicott City, MD in October (date to be announced soon) or you can order them through email now at  If you send me your zip code, I can tell you how much shipping will be, but these items are very light and I would not expect shipping to cost very much.

I will have a variety of necklaces at my garage sale, some exactly like those shown below, others with similar beads all in purple and black.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Above is the front side of the necklace
This necklace is #1 and called the 4 purple flower bead necklace

Back side of necklace #1

The earrings are hard to get a photo of but they have the same picture in the bottlecap as the
necklace shown in the first picture above (starburst background).  Earrings do not come on the black cord, that is for photo purposes only.

Front side of "I Love Ravens with flower beads and large purple diamond beads", necklace #2

Back side of "I love Ravens with flower beads and large purple diamond beads", necklace #2

Necklace #3 with a football charm dangler, back side has the picture as shown in necklace #1 backside

Front side of necklace #4, "Purple ceramic with diamonds and flower beads",  there are actually flowers on the two white beads, they are just turned around.  The picture has a "crackle background" to it.

Back side of #4

Necklace #5, "Black bead with purple and white raindrops", the back side is the same as the back side in #1

Necklace #6, "black beads with pink dots", front side

Back side of #6

Necklace #7, "black beads with  stripes" front side

Back side of necklace #7

Necklace #8 "purple beads with lt. purple stripes" front side

Back side of necklace #8

Necklace #9, "2 flower beads with small purple diamond rings" side 1

Side 2 of necklace #9

I have a limited number of necklaces available.  Once they are gone, I will not be making any more.  

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