Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue and White Christmas cards

 I used the foil wrappers from Dove dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel candies for the snowflakes, glued them on to the paper, then embossed the entire paper.  I love the color of these foil wrappers and had to use them on a card somehow.

Originally I inked the edge of the snowbanks but then wanted Stickles on them as well, the clear diamond stickles turned blue over the Tumbled Glass distressed edge -- lesson learned!  The white in the trees is puffy paint which comes in a tube with a very fine nozzle.

This is my cheater card...............looks like it was embossed with blue embossing powder but it came this way.  I picked up a bunch of it last year at one of the local stores when it was on clearance.    I just added some gems and the greeting.

This time I didn't use distress ink along the snowbanks, just the diamond Stickles.  Dropped some water
dots on the distressed background to make it look like it was snowing.

Poor stamping, I have to admit.  I desperately need new glasses as I can't see very well close-up anymore and my cards are definitely suffering from it. 

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