Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas cards are officially done

I washed off my stamps and packed away all my Christmas / holiday cardmaking supplies today.  I'm not into making Valentine cards too much so I think I'm going to make some sympathy and birthday cards for the local church (after a long break, that is).

The addition on our house is finally done, but now we are dealing with "settling" of the house and cracks appearing everywhere.  It is so disappointing to find cracks in the walls when we just got the furniture moved in to the new rooms.  We still have a lot more work to do on the house but it's all a matter of timing.  The fence is going to be expanded to give the dogs more space first.  They love playing with each other all the time so I'm hoping with the larger yard they will run and chase each other more.

These are my two girls, first photo is of them playing / wrestling.  We got the girls at the local shelter; one is the mother of the other.  We are so glad we got both of them:

Nap time after a long day of play:

The girls enjoy having the house back to themselves again, now that all the carpenters and workers are gone.
I do too.  We desperately need a kitchen makeover but we are not ready for all that stress again.  

I hope everyone has a peaceful holiday with their friends and family -- furry and otherwise.


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