Thursday, May 22, 2014

Green and blue birthday card

My niece, Brianna, has a 12th birthday coming up (I hope I did the math right; I screwed up doing the math figuring out how old one nephew was and actually sent him a card with the wrong age on it).

I also have a new nephew, Ronan Matthew, who was born on May 4.  That brings the niece and nephew count up to a total of 14 now.  I am such a bad aunt; I was so wrapped up in the new nephew's birth that I totally forgot a different nephew's birthday which was on May 10.

Back to Brianna -- her favorite colors are green and blue.  She is so hard to make a card for because she isn't the typical 12 year old girl who likes pinks and purples.  Normally I would have made a cupcake card or something with flowers and butterflies on it, but not for Brianna.  She is a tomboy who loves softball, skiing, wall climbing and probably so much more that I don't even  know about.  She lives in Colorado and I don't get to see that part of my family very often.

So I attempted to make a card using her favorite colors but didn't want it flat and boring looking so I used some glitter paper and sequins to shine it up a bit.

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