Sunday, November 23, 2014

Smiling Snowflakes

I first made this card, which is pretty by itself, but I thought there should have been somebody behind the greeting "Cold Hands Warm Heart" as snowflakes alone don't have hearts (do they?).

So I put faces on the snowflakes to make them more alive and have hearts (even though you can't see their hearts like you can't see our hearts).  This is the card with the smiling snowflake faces:

I think these faces brighten up the entire card.  I used a digital bottle cap image but reduced it to fit inside the mini bottle caps.  Now the saying "Cold Hands Warm Heart" seems to mean a little more when looking at this card.

While I was at it, I decided to use more of the mini bottle caps with faces in them to make a pair of earrings:

I'm entering the first card in the Christmas Greetings Challenge at Impression Obsession which can be seen here:

I used the Snowflakes Die Set DIE024-X by Impression Obsession on these cards and the Cold Hands Warm Heart greeting by Impression Obsession.

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for playing the Impression Obsession Challenge!