Monday, March 9, 2015

Bunny Bowling, Anyone?

When I lined these 3D bunnies up to take a picture of them, they reminded me of bowling pins.  You could actually use a small light-weight ball and line the bunnies up to bowl with; I'm sure the kids would love it.  They are quick to stand back up as they balance themselves perfectly every time.

I made these bunnies to show how you can use them as place cards for an Easter party.

The Funny Bunny die by Frantic Stamper is very easy to use to make these place cards.  All I did was cut out two of each color and poke out the ear, eye and nose pieces.  To make them stand, I simply scored a line across the top of the head of one of each color as shown below:

After scoring a line across the bunny's head right before where the ears start, reinforce the line by folding it back and forth in both directions.  Then I used a glue pen to put glue just on the ear loops and adhered  the bunny with the score line behind the other bunny.

Attach some name tags and you are all set to use these bunnies as your Easter party place cards.

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  1. You are so very, very, very clever!! I LOVE the bowling idea ... LOL!! Your instructions for how you put these together are AWESOME!! WOW!! How in the heck do you think up all of these different ideas? Again, I am so happy I found your blog!!