Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'll have a Chocolate Vanilla Twist Please

I remember as a child our whole family (the 9 of us) would climb into the station wagon to go to Martha's Dandee Creme in Lake George, NY at night after dinner and wait in those long lines for a soft ice cream cone.  Boy was it worth the wait!  No one has ice cream like Martha's homemade.

The above card was made using all Frantic Stamper dies.  The white sunburst is the Sunburst card panel which cuts out so easily and is super easy to adhere to a card.  I have so many ideas of other ways of using this Sunburst card panel in my mind that I had to draw them down or I would forget them.

The Ice Cream Cone is part of the newest Frantic Stamper release.  The cone comes in two parts; the top waffle die and then a solid die for underneath.  It couldn't look more real could it?  Then there's the swirl top which can easily be made into two flavors.  This cone looks exactly like the one I would ask for at Martha's.  Boy do I wish we had their ice cream down here in Maryland.

The fishtail with the greeting is the smallest die in the Flag Trio set.

Make sure you come back soon to see more cards made with this ice cream die.  I'm sure you will like the way I plan on "twisting" it up.

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