Friday, May 15, 2015

Make your own Film Strips

I had these wallet size photos for a scrapbook page and wanted to use them in a filmstrip fashion but none of the existing film strip dies that I could find would fit actual wallet size photos.  So when life throws you a curve ball, you make your own out of the materials you have.

I used the tiny circles die from the Frantic Stamper Open Borders die set.  Just cut the die with the circles in it along both edges of your paper.  The die does not detach from the paper; it only cuts holes in the paper in one neat and perfect line.

Once the edges were cut, I adhered the photos to the strip which was cut slightly wider than the photos I was using.

My nephew is so funny; he liked the orange baby food his parents would make but did not like the green ones at first.  I have some really cute pictures of him for another page where he is making such funny faces eating the green veggies.

Frantic Stamper Open Borders die set

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