Monday, June 29, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Here's a card that I made following a tutorial a few posts back on how to make your own stencils from dies.  I made a stencil from the Frantic Stamper Sunburst Card Panel for the background.  This is a permanent stencil that can be used over and over when cut out on acetate.  One swipe through the Vagabond and the stencil was made.  Fran's dies are that sharp that they cut acetate easily.

So what do you put on a pink sunburst background?  I knew the Lawn Flamingo would look great because I could cut it out of cardstock that matched the distress ink I used for the sunburst.  I cut a second flamingo so I could cut out the wing and raise it up with foam dots on the first flamingo.  The die has tick lines already in it for cutting the wing out.  Just a small snip here and another one there and it's done.

I also used the Grass Edger die and the Happy Birthday stamp from Frantic Stamper.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Under the Sea Scene card & tutorial

When I got the Sea Horse die I knew right away I wanted to cut it out on foil cardstock; the details on it are so great and show up nicely with foil.  I also knew I wanted to make a scene card using both the Sea Horse and the Sea Creatures die set.  The Sea Creatures die set has 7 dies, two of which are the baby sea horse and the sea turtle.

To create the scene, I started off with the brown ocean floor using the Stitched Scene Builders Edgers die.  I also wanted some stamping on  my card so I made my own stencil using the seaweed die that comes in the Ocean Floor Icons set.  To make the stencil, I just cut the seaweed die several times across the bottom of a sheet of acetate.  Then I drew a line indicating where the brown ocean floor would end and held the template for the seaweed along that line, pressing down in the cut out areas with distress ink and a finger dauber.

 I also knew I wanted some bubbles on the card to make it look like the sea animals were breathing, so I used the Water Droplets stamp by Designs by Ryn.  I should have used the Rising Bubbles instead of the Water Droplets but I don't currently own that stamp (yet).  To color the droplets, I first stamped them with VersaFine black onyx ink then colored them in with a Tumbled Glass Distress marker and put a tiny white dot on each.

The rest of the card fell together once the background was finished.  I added the mother sea horse with her two babies in the bubbles area and added a sea turtle with more bubbles to the opposite end of the card.  I cut out some coral and seaweed and adhered them at different levels to the ocean floor.

I could have added a lobster and crab from the Ocean Floor icons but decided to just put the starfish on instead.  I didn't want the card to look too cluttered.

The final step was stamping on the Happy Birthday stamp by Frantic Stamper to fill the void at the top of the card.

These are the items used in making the card, all available at Frantic Stamper:

Ocean Floor icons 09506

Sea Creature Icons 09507

Sea Horse 09511
Unmounted Rubber Stamp "Birthday" FRA-UMRS-202-20

Stitched Scene Builder Edgers 09403

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ronan's finished sunburst beach page

I have a tutorial on a previous post on how to make the sunburst for a 12x12 scrapbook page.

This is the finished page now that the dies I was waiting for came in.  I put on the Frantic Stamper word Summer, the new Sailboat, and the lighthouse, wheel and anchor from the Nautical Icons.

I know I'll be doing this sunburst technique again real soon.

If you are interested at all in seeing the entire scrapbook I made for Ronan's first year, you can see the pages here:  They are not real fancy or complicated; just clean and simple to focus on the star of the page -- Ronan.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Making your own stencil templates

Frantic Stamper has this die called Sunburst Card Panel which cuts out rays from a framed circle of other rays.  But, there is another way to use the die.  I cut the die out using acetate (you can buy acetate in craft stores) and then used that as a stencil to make my cards.

Once I had the die cut out of the acetate, I cut a piece of cardstock 3 3/4 x 5 and taped the stencil over it on my craft mat.

Then I used distress ink and a blending tool and started rubbing on the ink at the circle (sun) area and rotating around in a circle.  I like to have the darker shading at the center around the circle and fade it out to the ends of the rays, but that's just my preference.

After the inking is done, just remove tape from one corner of the stencil template and slide your paper out.  If you are going to repeat the process with a clean sheet of cardstock, simply spritz the template with water, wipe it off with a paper towel and slide another piece of cut cardstock underneath.  It's ready to be used again, and again, and again.

When I'm done making cards using the template, I store it right in the envelope with the die.

This is a great way to use up some embellishments.  I matched the distress inks with the colors of the Prima flowers that I had.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ronan's First Easter scrapbook page

I wanted to keep the background paper on this page fairly simple so I could add the Easter scene to it.

I used all Frantic Stamper dies on this page (except for the scallop behind the tree which is just a scallop circle punch):

Petite Eggs
Easter Icons
Script Happy Easter
Funny Bunny
Stitched Scene Builder Edgers
Medium Bare Elm
Mattie Thick Upper and Mattie Thick Lower case alphabet
Fancy Frames

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

12 x 12 Starburst / Sunburst layout

This page isn't quite done yet since I'm waiting for some new dies to come in, but I wanted to share the instructions.  I wasn't able to find a good tutorial online for a 12 x 12 sunburst other than the ones where they have you making a template, tracing it on to your paper and manually cutting out each ray individually.  That's just too much work for me so I had to find a simpler way, and I did.

I started off by finding the center point of the 12 x 12 page which is at the 6" mark both vertically and horizontally.  I then placed my circle over the center so I'd know how long each ray had to be.  The instructions I am giving now, however, accommodate for not having a large circle covering the center, so the rays are long enough to reach the center UNDER the circle.  You can always cover that focal point with something but you don't have to use a huge circle (4.5" largest one) like I did.

Once you have the center identified and picked out the designer paper you want to use, realize that the 4 corners of the page have the longest rays, thus the 8" length rectangles.  The rest of the rays are all 6" in length, but again, if you have a large focal point like I do, you don't really need 6".  You can easily get by with 4 1/2 or 5".

I actually mixed up the width of the rays and didn't cut them all at 2".  Some I cut at 1.5" and others at 1.75".  This is totally up to you how wide you want them, and whether you want to leave spaces between each ray or not.  If not, then you will need more than 20 rays.

When you have the rectangles cut out, you need to cut each rectangle in half diagonally.  I do this on my paper cutter by lining up opposite corners on the cut line:

After all the rays are cut, play around with the placement to see what works best for colors and size.  When you know how you want the rays laid out, keep them in place on your 12 x 12 background paper and number them in circular order using a pencil.  I numbered mine right at the very skinny corner of each ray so it would be hidden under the focal point.  Then you can start adhering them to your page one at a time.  I used one strip of double sided tape on each ray and that seemed to hold them all in place nicely.  You can also emboss your rays or ink the edges before adhering them.

I'd love to see your creations with this technique.  Please feel free to email photos to me, and if you want, I can put them on my blog with a link to your blog or facebook page.  My email address is on the sidebar.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Adorable Raccoon

This raccoon is actually the Adorable Raccoon by Frantic Stamper.  I love how easy it was to make the mask around his eyes.  The tick lines are already there; all you have to do it cut in two tiny little spots and the mask separates from the rest of the die cut.

The starburst background is something I've wanted to try for a long time but to tell you the truth, I was intimidated by it.  I thought it looked so difficult and time consuming.  I researched on youtube for some of the best starburst / sunburst videos and found a few really quick ones.  The first time I tried the technique, I was hooked!

It is very simple to do once you have your coordinating papers chosen.  That, to me, is the hardest part.  I don't normally buy paper packs with papers that already coordinate; I normally buy single sheets at the store here and there.  So this part took the longest for me.

Once I had the papers chosen, I decided to make the starburst type that has the focal point in the middle of the card.  You can have the focal point (where all the triangles meet on the card) anywhere; it's all just a matter of preference.

You can also cut your designer paper to a variety of sizes or have them all the same width like I did.  Most of the videos I found suggested using a 1 1/2" width strip of paper.  The length varies depending on the size of your card.  Since I made an A2 card, my strips were all 4 1/2" long.  I could have cut most of them down to a smaller length instead of having so much to trim off afterward, but I didn't mind having them all the same size.  At least that way I could manipulate where I wanted each strip and wasn't locked into having to use one pattern here, another there.

To start the background for my A2 card, I cut a piece of cardstock 3 3/4 x 5".  This would be the piece that the triangles get adhered to and won't show, so it doesn't matter if you use good cardstock or scratch cardstock.  The next thing is to cut a piece of black cardstock, in my case, for the frame around the triangles.  I would then mount that black cardstock on to a piece of 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 cardstock that was folded in half making it 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 (the size of an A2 card).

Now you are ready to cut your dsp.  I cut 7 pieces that were 4 1/2 by 1 1/2" each.  You want to cut each of those pieces into equal triangles.  Place opposite corners of the rectangular strips on your paper trimmer like this and cut:

Once all your strips are cut into triangles, arrange them on your background piece of cardstock but don't adhere them yet.  After you have an idea of where you want each strip to be (I butt mine right up against each other, but you can leave some space in between them if you are using a good piece of cardstock for your background paper), decide if you want to ink the edges of the strips.  This gives a little more definition to the background effect.

When you are ready to adhere the strips to the background paper, I find it easier to apply adhesive on the entire background paper instead of trying to adhere it to the triangles.  Figure out where you want your focal point, to the side of the card, middle, in a corner, etc.  Place the first strip so the skinny end of the triangle is right at your focal point.  In the photo below, I wanted the focal point to be at the center bottom of my card.  Having the focal point here took fewer strips of paper than having a center of card focal point:

When all the strips are adhered and your background paper is completely covered, turn the panel over and trim off the excess pieces.

Now you are ready to mount whatever it is that you want at your focal point, whether a flower, a greeting, etc.

Adhere the background panel to your next bigger piece of cardstock and then adhere that to the card base.

This is the card that I made with the bottom center focal point which is under the hills:

And this card has a focal point toward the bottom left of the card:

I will be having instructions on how to make a starburst on a 12x12 scrapbook page soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Layered Posies

Frantic Stamper has three new flower dies out that are made for layering, either individually within their own sets or together with each other.  I used the Large Layering Posies, Medium Layering Posies, and the Small Layering Posies for this card.

The bottom, largest layer of the flower was cut out of a solid aqua vellum from Hobby Lobby.  The rest of the layers were all cut from a translucent light blue vellum from Michaels.  I offset each layer just slightly from the one below it and adhered them with a foam dimensional to give the flower more height and to show off the layers.  For the fern, I colored some vellum with a green Copic.  The outside frame is the Elementals #7 Coved Labels.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Watercolor Posies

For this card I used the new Frantic Stamper Pretty Posies clear stamp set for the flowers.  I stamped them on the Coved Labels that were initially adhered flat on top of each other, just held together with temporary tape.  The idea behind this type of card is to have layers that look like they were stamped at different levels then put together like a puzzle, when actually the stamping is done on flat layers then made to look like raised layers afterward.

So, I cut two of the Coved Labels, adhered them on top of each other with the removable tape, then stamped two different posies with VersaMark ink and heat embossed with gold powder.  After that was done, I used a dot splatter stamp to add some little dots and heat embossed them with the gold embossing powder as well.

Once the embossing was done, I took some Salty Ocean distress ink and smeared it right on my craft mat.  After spritzing the inked area with some water, I used a tiny paint brush and painted the centers of the flowers.  Then I did the same thing with Mowed Lawn distress ink.

The frame around the outside of the card is made using Elementals #1 and the banner for the greeting is from the Diagonal Card Sketcher.  "With Love" is from the Wavy Banners and Greetings clear stamp set.

I got the inspiration to make this card from a card by Chrissie Stokes:

Simon Says stamp Artful Flowers embossed in gold, spritzed with water and colored with Distress inks in Mermaid Lagoon and Cracked Pistachio. The frames were cut with SSS stitched rectangles and the inner and outer pieces popped up onto dimensional pads. The sentiment is from LOTV embossed in gold. It follows the sketch from CAS(E) this Sketch #126.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sweet Rosette

Here's a card that I made using the largest of the Frantic Stamper Scallop Borders for the edge of the rosette.

I cut a strip of paper that was 2x11 and cut the scallop border twice, lining it up so it was cut continuously along one edge of the paper.  Then I scored the strip every 1/4" on a scoring board.

I then assembled the rosette, folding the strip back and forth in opposite directions first.  After adhering the rosette together (there are several YouTube videos that show to make paper rosettes) I topped it off with a 1.5" pinking circle punch and a 1.25" scalloped circle.  Then to top that off, I added a flower made using the Frantic Stamper Petite Layering Posies and some leaves from the Frantic Stamper Petite Leaves set.

The final step was to cut out the Frantic Stamper Sweet die and adhere it using a glue pen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pretty Posies

Frantic Stamper has some new clear stamp sets, one of which is called Pretty Posies.  I used the swirly looking daisy stamp for this card, along with one of the greetings that comes in the stamp set.

The leaves are the Petite Leaves and the bow is from the International Hats and Mustaches.

This is what the stamp set looks like:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CAS Adorable Skunk card

Finally, the final card in the series of 4 CAS baby animal cards.

This Adorable Skunk is so easy to use when putting him on a white card panel.  Just cut it out using black cardstock, adhere to a white background,  and the work is done.  No paper piecing needed.  I am all for that!

I used the group of balloons from the Heart Balloons die set this time instead of the single balloon that I used on the previous CAS baby animal cards.  The stitched rectangle panel is from Elementals #1 (Basic Shapes), the grass is from the Easter Bunny & Chicks, and the sentiment "Missing You" is from the new On the Village Road clear stamp set.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 15, 2015

CAS Baby Animals card (monkey)

This is the third card in a series of 4 using Frantic Stamper baby animal dies.  Tomorrow's card will be a real surprise as it will reveal the new Adorable Skunk.

Today's card uses the monkey in the Baby Animals set.  He has a tiny banana in one hand (which I'm pretty sure I adhered upside down).

I also used the single balloon in the Heart Balloons, along with the stitched rectangle panel from Elementals #1 (Basic Shapes), and Happy Wishes from the Pretty Posies clear stamp set.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's card using the Adorable Skunk.  He really is adorable.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ride Like the Wind

When I was making this card with the Frantic Stamper Wild Mustang die, the song "Ride Like the Wind" came to mind.

I started the card with the Mountain Edger die.  I also traced the outside of the die on a darker cardstock and manually cut it out for the taller mountains.

This is a very quick card to make for anyone who loves horses.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

CAS Baby Animals Card (elephant)

This elephant is part of the Frantic Stamper Baby Animals set.  Don't you just love his ear?  That is part of the die set that also has three other baby animals to it.  All of them are so adorable and so versatile.  They look good cut out on dsp or plain cardstock.

I used the single balloon in the Heart Ballons die set for this card.  I also used the stitched rectangle panel that is left over when cutting out the frame in Elementals #1 (Basic Shapes).  Happy Wishes is from the new Pretty Posies clear stamp set.

Up next, the cute monkey from the Baby Animals die set..............stay tuned.

CAS Baby Animal card #1 (lion)

I think the more I see CAS cards online, the more I like them.   My cards are normally pretty CAS (clean and simple) but I don't usually leave all that nice, clean white space that I've come to like so much.

Today's card uses the Frantic Stamper lion from the Baby Animals set, the Heart Balloons, Elementals #1 for the stitched rectangle panel, and Happy Wishes from the Pretty Posies clear stamp set.

Stay tuned for more of this type of card in the next few days.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wild Mustang

I wanted to make a scene card with the new Village Schoolhouse die by Frantic Stamper but wasn't sure what other dies to combine with it.   When I paired it with the Wild Mustang die, the TV show "Little House on the Prairie" came to mind, even though I don't think they had any wild mustangs running around on that show.

For the scene part, I used the Frantic Stamper Lovely Leafy tree die and a smaller matching one from the Village Trees and Shrubs set.  The clouds and sun are part of the Village Sky set, and as usual, I used the Stitched Scene Builder Edgers die for the grassy hill.  Really like that die set.

I used the following Frantic Stamper dies to make this card.  If you want to see the dies on the Frantic Stamper website, you can either click on the links in purple above or just enter the 5 digit code shown in parenthesis in the search box on the web page at

Grass Edger (09372)

Lovely Leafy Tree (09551)

Rail Fence Ribbon (09456)

Stitched Scene Builder Edgers (09403)

Village School House (09542)

Village Trees and Shrubs (09550) -- Small Lovely Leafy tree matches the larger Lovely Leafy Tree above

Village Sky (09549)