Monday, June 1, 2015

Tree Tutorial

I am originally from the great Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, so I love the Fall when the leaves are turning colors.  To me, it's the most beautiful place to be in the Fall.  Naturally then, I like having fall trees for my cards and scrapbook pages.  But until recently, I didn't have a way of making them myself.  Then Frantic Stamper came out with their newest release of dies.

You won't believe what die I am using for the background "leaf" area of these trees:

It's the new Large Layering Posies die by Frantic Stamper.  This die fits the Medium Bare Elm die perfectly.

Here is the tutorial on how to make these fun trees:

First cut one of the Medium Bare Elms and put it aside.  Then cut the largest of the two flowers in the Large Layering Posies set.  You can use watercolor paper or a heavy card stock; either works great.

Next get out your Tim Holtz Distress Ink Daubers.  I used Squeezed Lemonade,  Festive Berries, Spiced Marmalade, and Seedless Preserves, but any fall colors will do if you want the trees to look like fall foliage.

To give the Large Posie some definition around the edges, I used the Seedless Preserves dauber and inked around the back side of the flower, pulling the dauber down in between each of the petals.  If that doesn't give you some color on the front, then carefully ink around the edges of the petal from the front side.


Dab the inks onto the Large Posie, letting each prior ink dry before applying the next color so you don't contaminate the pads on your daubers.  You can even wipe the inks with a dry papertowel before the dry to give a more muted effect.

Hold the cut out Medium Bare Elm up to your petal, moving it around  to see where it looks best for placement.

Next you are going to cut off the bottom of the petals that hang too low on the tree.  Use your own creative interpretation to decide what you want the bottom of the tree to look like.

I then use a glue pen to adhere the Medium Bare Elm to the Large Posie, and now you have a beautiful fall tree that you can use on cards or scrapbook pages.

Have fun making these in all different colors.  You can even put a tiny bird in the tree.

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