Monday, July 20, 2015

A Different Star Quilt Pattern with Tutorial (parallelogram style)

This is a different star pattern than the other star quilt cards I had been making but just as easy to do.

I started off using a 4.25 x 4.25" square pink piece of cardstock for the background.  Since each square that is going to be adhered is a 1" square, I drew lines on the background piece to help line the triangles up perfectly.  The four corners where you won't be adhering any squares or triangles will each be 1 1/8" square instead of just 1" square.  This gives you a little bit of space around the star rather than having the star right up against the edges of the paper.  You could easily do this using a 4 x 4" background also.

I use a 1" square punch for the designer paper squares.  I punched out four of one color and four of another color and cut each in half diagonally.  (The 1 1/8, 1, 1, and 1 1/8 on the sheet below just indicates where to draw your lines on your paper, not what size squares to punch out).

Start adhering two of the triangles as shown above so their right angles are butted up against each other.  Continue with the next two triangles, making two complete squares.  Then adhere two more triangles on top of those two squares, making sure to alternate the colors.  The inside of the "big" square should look like a pinwheel.

The next step is to adhere the remaining triangles so they match their coordinating triangles that are already adhered, making a parallelogram out of each.  (Aren't you glad you took Geometry in high school now)?  Make sure the triangles you are adhering are in the correct position:

When all of the triangles are adhered, this is what you should have:

Erase your pencil lines, and decide if you want to do any faux stitching around the edges of the star.  I used a Distress Marker for mine.  Next,  run the entire panel through your Cuttlebug or other machine using your choice of embossing folders.  I like to use the Cuttlebug Plaid EF but there are others out there that give a similar effect.

I mounted this panel on a 4.5 x 4.5 darker piece of cardstock then mounted that on a large 5x7 card which gave me room at the bottom for a greeting.

I used all  Frantic Stamper dies on my card.  The words "you" and "are" are from the Accessory Words # 1 and Accessory Words #3.  I paired these words with the Amazing word die.

For the flower center, I used the Frantic Stamper Petite Layering Flowers for the very center and the smallest of the dies that come in the Large Layering Posies and Medium Layering Posies for the bottom two layers of the flower.

I hope you give this technique a try.  It really is very easy to do but can be intimidating to look at.  Once you jump in and give it a try, you will love the way it looks on your cards.