Friday, July 31, 2015


Isn't it odd how you don't even realize what your card really looks like (ie. the pattern it ended up with) until you see it posted online?  I had no idea this card had the purple frame around it until I just posted it on my blog.

This is my third card with the Herringbone technique which is actually a technique used by quilters.   You can see the other two cards I made with the Herringbone technique here:

 I started off by cutting strips of dsp 1/2" wide and 12" long.   I applied roller adhesive all over the entire base which is 4 x 4" then adhered the center green dotted paper which is a 1 3/4 square.  I didn't even measure where to center the green focal point square; I just eye-balled it.

After the square was on, I adhered the purple strips around the edges of the square, cutting off any excess with a straight cut so I could reuse the end of the strip in another spot.  The key to making this type of card is to have all the ends of your 1/2" wide strips straight cut so they line up with the strip next to it.  After I had the first set of purple strips adhered, I then adhered one line of green strips right next to the purple ones, then more purple ones, then ending the card with the tiny green corners.
This technique can result in a variety of different patterns, all depending on how you place your strips of dsp.

When all the 1/2" strips were adhered, I turned the base over and cut off all the excess pieces.  I inked around the edge with black ink and adhered the base to a 4 1/8" square black layer, which then was adhered to a coordinating green dotted layer which was 4 1/2" square.  The final card front is 5 x 5.

So, on to the die cuts.................I used the bats from the Bats and Ghost by Frantic Stamper (love these bats, they are the best shaped bats on the market in my opinion) and the Beware from the Scary Words by Frantic Stamper.  The last step was to put some tiny white eyes on the bats using a white gel pen.

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