Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kissing Flamingos Happy Anniversary card

If you follow my blog, you will find out in a day or so why I had to add "Happy Anniversary" to the title of this post and not just leave it as Kissing Flamingos.

When I saw the Lawn Flamingo die by Frantic Stamper, I noticed the neck on it had more of a curve to it than most of the other more expensive flamingo dies on the market.  When you pair two together as a mirror image, the necks form a natural heart.  The feet on the flamingos also touch each other which I thought was really cute.  It's almost like they are holding hands, but with their feet.

I raised up the wings on the flamingos after cutting out a spare and just making two simple cut lines to separate the wing from the rest of the bird.  This will make a great anniversary card for my parents who will be married 56 years this September.

I also used the Grass Edger and Wavy Banners and Greetings Clear Stamp set.  This stamp set has both the banner stamp and the greetings which are already made with a curve to them to fit right inside the banner.  However, if you want to have a straight stamp instead of the wavy look, you can just position it straight on the stamping block since it is a clear stamp and bendable.

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  1. How adorable! What a perfect anniversary card. I just love the heart the flamingo necks make.