Friday, July 17, 2015

Reversing and Resizing your die cuts

Have you ever wanted a reverse cut of a die or a smaller version of it?  Now you can do that easily by just cutting the die out of craft foam (the skinniest type of craft foam works better than the thicker kind).  Craft foam comes in all different colors, so for my witches above, I can cut them out of black foam and have the image reversed with all the tick marks still showing through.  If you were to do this on cardstock, the tick lines don't normally show through to the other side that well.

Another use of craft foam is when you want a smaller version of your die.  Just cut it out using the skinny foam, then heat it with a heat gun.  The longer you heat it, the smaller it gets.  In the above photo, I shrank all of the dies and reversed the two witch ones.

You can even color the foam with dye ink pads by pouncing the entire pad on top of your foam.  Once it is heated, the ink is set and won't bleed off.

I will be making some cards with these smaller dies and post them shortly.

Jennifer McGuire has a video showing this technique here:

All of the dies shown above are by Frantic Stamper.  There's the Witch Riding Broom, the ghost from the Cute Halloween Icons, the Cauldron Witch, and the Fun Happy Halloween.

Can you imagine the possibilities of just being able to change any die into it's mirror image or making it smaller?  I love knowing that the tick marks show through on the opposite side when cutting with foam.  Now you can turn any "mother" die into a "baby" die just by using craft foam.

I'm off to the store to buy some more craft foam in different colors!

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