Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two cards, One background die

Have you ever flipped over your dies to see all the dots on the back that you use to poke the extra little pieces out with and noticed that those dots sometimes form patterns?  I noticed a lot of different patterns on the back of the Tribal Card Panel by Frantic Stamper when I was making this card and poking out all the little pieces:

The above card was made using the Frantic Stamper Tribal Card Panel die.  I did not poke out the middle of the panel in order to get a different effect.   The bottom card was also made using the Tribal Card Panel but by flipping it over and manually paper piercing some of the dots on the back.

The flower on card 1 is a combination of the Large Layering Posies, Medium Layering Posies and Small Layering Posies.  The leaves are the Fancy Leaves but I cut out a back piece for them.

The orange card also uses the Medium and Small Layering Flowers, but the leaf is the leaf that comes in the Teacher's Apple set.  Hugs is from the Accessory Words #3 die set.

This is what the Tribal Card Panel looks like from the front:

And this is what it looks like from the back:

Can you see all the different patterns you can get?  I love paper piercing and it couldn't be easier this way; the holes are already there for you instead of having to try to line everything up on your own.

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