Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gingerbread Boy Shaker Card

At first glance this front door to this card looks a little crooked; the Stitched Coved Label is actually hinged to open and reveal the inside of the top panel which has the shaker area filled with Christmas Confetti.  I simply made two hinges out of folded cardstock.   When the card is flat, instead of standing up, the door lies perfectly flat and straight.

When the "door" is opened, you will see the shaker card inside which holds all that Christmas Confetti which is cut out with a die by Frantic Stamper.   If you look really close to the white front panel portion of the card, you can see the cross stitching and line stitching at the top and bottom.  This was created by using the In Stitches die which is shown below.

The Christmas Confetti die consists of tiny gingerbread men, candy canes and Christmas trees as shown on the front of the card as well.

These are the dies I used to make the card:
Christmas Confetti
Coved Labels
Stitched Coved Labels
In Stitches
Holly Leaves and Berries

Gingerbread Boy


  1. this is the neatest card. I'm curious though, how do you do the hinge? Do you just add a strip of brown paper folded over?

    1.'s just two small strips of paper folded over and adhered to the back of the door and to the card itself. Thank you for your comment Michele.

  2. What a clever design to add a shaker with a window...super gorgeous
    Dr Sonia
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  3. Very Nice! That is really a different to add a shaker / window style card. I like this one very much! Thank you for sharing!