Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Frantic Stamper Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel

Gone are the days of having to manually make my sunburst cards.............Frantic Stamper has a new die that does it all and more.  It's the Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel.

This die cuts out both the frame and attached "spokes" AND all the rays that have stitching on them.

To make my card, I used a teal piece of glitter cardstock for the frame because glitter paper is generally thicker and heavier than regular cardstock.  A heavy cardstock will give a more raised, dimensional look to the card.  So once the frame was cut out (hold on to all the triangle pieces; I didn't use them all for this card but can use them on another card later), I then ran the die through my die cutting machine three more times, each with a different shade of teal paper.  This gave me enough triangles so I could alternate colors.  There are a total of 12 triangles, so if you use 3 colors of cardstock, you will get a total of 36 triangles, 12 of which go on a card.  That leaves you with enough triangles to make two more cards.  You will have to cut one more frame for each card, and that will leave you with another 12 triangles.  Seems like a never ending cycle but hold on to the triangles; you never know when you will want to make another card with them.

I used some of my leftover triangles to make this card:

To adhere the frame to the card base, I used a glue pen around the four edges of the frame.  I did NOT adhere down the inner circle or spokes.  By not adhering the spokes and circle, it allows you a little wiggle room to get the triangles back into their spots perfectly every time.  I found that if you do adhere the spokes, if they get glued down just a little crooked, then the rays (triangles) may have a hard time fitting into their spots perfectly.  So the easy way to avoid that is to not adhere the spokes in between each triangle ray.

I also use fine tip tweezers when adhering the triangles back into their spots so I don't get glue all over my fingers and ultimately all over the card.  The center focal point can be left alone like I did in the first card and adhered one of the round vignette inserts that Frantic Stamper makes (they are all made to fit perfectly inside the center circle) or you can cover the center circle with another die like I did in the second card with the leaf.

This die is addicting so be careful.  Once you cut it out and have the spare parts, you are going to want to keep making cards to use up the spare parts.

Here are the dies I used to make these cards, all of which are Frantic Stamper dies:

Sun  Rays Quilted Card Panel -09661
Round Vignette JOY Insert -09627
Snowflake Flurries - 09099
Fancy Leaves - 09275
Thankful -09605

Here are the vignette dies and stamps that coordinate with the center circle of this Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel:

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