Monday, November 2, 2015

Birthday card for a dog Daddy

Frantic Stamper makes this die set called Dog Icons where you get all these items:

Since my husband is such a HUGE dog lover, I knew I had to use these dies on a birthday card I made for him.  He is a dog Daddy to two dogs right now and they love him to death.  I had to hurry up and throw this card together though because my husband took some vacation days right when I was planning on making his card.  I really wish I had more time to make his card.

The heart frame around the front of the card is the Lacy Heart Frames by Frantic Stamper.  All the dies I used on the inside of the card are also from Frantic Stamper.  The pawprints were made using a stamp.

This is what I put on the inside of the card:

The front of the card uses the Happy Happy Happy die.  I liked this because it says "happy" three times -- once from me, and twice from the dogs.  The inside of the card says "We Woof You".  I also wrote a poem (changed one up that I found online) about what the dog's like to do with their Daddy.  Here is a copy of what I wrote (the link to the original poem is here:

Princess's  Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
The king-sized bed is soft and deep.
I pick my spot, anywhere I please,
Making Daddy curl up to his knees.
I've trapped his legs, they're tucked
in tight,
And here is where I spend the night.

At 4:30am sharp, Kyra intrudes,
Telling Daddy "I want food".
Kyra gets let out to pee, but
Getting up this early is not for me.

Daddy gets our food then eats his too,
It's always GrapeNuts and orange juice.
Dad puts on his headlamp and bright gear,
We go for our walk, looking out for deer.

 Our walk is over, now it's time to rest,
Daddy takes his shower and then gets dressed.
He comes in  to say goodbye to us,
But he'll come back, he always does.

I love my Daddy and he loves me,
This is how every dog's life should be.
To have someone to hug and hold them tight,
And share their bed with them at night.

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  1. Card is great but the verse is lovely. Well done.