Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Large church cards

Frantic Stamper has this die called the Large Church which cuts out the church with all the intricate details on it such as the shingles on the roof, the window openings, front steps, and an attached tree.
I chose to cut the church out both in black and again in silver foil cardstock for two different looks.

For both cards, I decided to back the window openings with yellow cardstock to make it seem like the church was open and welcoming.  The first card was my attempt to make the church look like an Advent card with the pink and purple background.

For the second card I propped the church up on a stitched rectangle which is cut when using the Elementals #1 Basic Shapes die set.  I also used the Northern Star on both cards.

These are the Frantic Stamper dies I used on my cards:

Large church 09674
Elementals #1 stitched rectangle 09306
Northern Star 09246


  1. absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the information also

  2. Replies
    1. You can click on the word "Large Church" in the description of the cards above and it will take you right to the Frantic Stamper store where the die is listed, or go to and put in 09487 in the search box at the upper left area of the page.