Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter Thanks

The above card has pink vellum behind the word "Thanks" 

This card does not have the vellum behind the word "Thanks".  Just change the paper on it and you can use this as a thank you card for any holiday or occasion.

Both of these cards were made using the Thanks card band available at Ecstasy Crafts, shown below.

These cards are 5" x 6" in size.   To cut the card band into the card, I had to cut the card down to 6" in order to fit it into my die cutting machine.  Simply tape the die onto your opened card front, making sure it is upright and also not backwards so you end up with the letters in the correct order.

This die is really versatile in that you can cut off the 'S' from the end of "Thanks" and attach a word die that says "You" to the front of your card for "Thank You" if you prefer that.  You can also move the die to the top, bottom, or right vertical side of the card.

The letters are all one die so there's no positioning needed to line them up.  Here is what the die looks like:

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