Thursday, March 3, 2016

Shimmery Swallowtail

This is one of those cards that is so pretty IRL but doesn't photo well with all the shimmer on it.  I used some Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes in Mulled Wine on the butterfly -- my first time using gilding flakes.  These flakes come in 19 different colors.  I chose Mulled Wine for the mix of reds, golds, oranges and silvers all in one container.

I'm the type of person who likes to try new things but needs time to warm up to the idea.  I can't just jump in without planning things first.  I knew I wanted to use the gilding flakes with a black die cut and the swallowtail butterfly worked perfectly.

To use gilding flakes, you need some kind of adhesive, so I cut the bottom layer to the butterfly with cardstock adhered to double sided tape.  After peeling off the backing to the tape, I had a nice solid butterfly that was super sticky.  I took the top butterfly, the one with the holes in it, and adhered it right on top of the sticky butterfly.  Then came the moment of truth; would the gilding flakes really work? 

 I pinched a couple fingers full of the mulled wine gilding flakes and pressed them into the sticky spots on the butterfly, rubbing the flakes in real well with my fingers.  After pouring the leftover flakes back into the container to use at another time, I took a piece of dry kitchen sponge and gently rubbed over the top of the butterfly to remove any excess pieces.  It was so simple, and I didn't make a mess.  I had watched several videos on using gilding flakes ahead of time and was so scared the flakes were going to really make a mess, but they didn't.

The background on the card is made by running some thick gold cardstock with a white core through the embossing machine with the Craft Concepts Hand Script EF then lightly sanding the embossing to expose the core.

This is an A2 card.  All the highlighted products above are available at Ecstasy Crafts.

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