Friday, April 8, 2016

Ecstasy Crafts: Butterflies in Flight Wedding Card

I love the look of foil cardstock but it is very hard to get a good picture of it sometimes.  I used silver and gold foil cardstock  to fill in the butterflies from behind the Butterflies in Flight panel, even though  they look black and brown in the photo.  I wasn't sure if this card would be used as an anniversary or wedding one, so I left the sentiment off for now.

The Butterflies in Flight die set comes with 3 dies:   the striplet part which contains all the swirls and outlines of the butterflies, a rectangular frame that fits perfectly around the striplet, and four solid butterflies.

I used the striplet die without the frame for this card (yesterday's post with the blue glitter card, I used the frame and striplet together).  Here is yesterday's card:

 For today's card, I cut two of the striplets right next to each other with a little bit of space in between them.  The steps below apply to this wedding card but I am using purple and pink and making three striplets next to each other for this card:

To make this type of card, whether with two striplets or three, do the following:

Start off with a piece of paper large enough for all your striplets to fit.  Line the first one up to the upper left corner of your paper, leaving an even border on the top and left side.  Then cut the second striplet, lining it up along the top, leaving the same amount of framing/border and also leaving some space between the last striplet's right vertical edge and the new striplet's left vertical edge.

When the last striplet is cut out, trim the edges all the way around to create an equal frame / border.

Cut out your butterflies using the four individual solid butterflies that come with the die set.

Adhere the butterflies to the BACK side of the striplets that you cut out, using a glue pen.

Flip your card over and make sure the solid butterflies are lined up and not showing around their borders.  The butterflies are the perfect size for adhering and very easy to do.

This is what the front side looks like after you adhered some butterflies to the back.

And now the finished card:

Sue Wilson has a lot of other striplet dies but I hope she will come out with more that have coordinating dies with them, like these four solid butterflies. 

  Even though this Butterflies in Flight die set has sold out, it is going to be restocked.  Just sign up at Ecstasy Crafts to be notified when it's back in stock so you don't miss out on it.  

You can also see more inspiration on Ecstasy Craft's Facebook Page.


  1. How gorgeous these are, Ann! I love the stained glass effect. Thank you for showing how you made that happen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your first card! Lovely shaded butterflies in warm earthy colors. Ann, I've not used any of the striplets yet. Thank you for showing how to use them in this capacity. It's a beautiful, colorful, textured masterpiece! I might need that set now - thanks for enabling me, and sharing such a gorgeous card! hugs, de

  2. Beautiful examples of using these dies, love the foil one!

  3. Beautiful examples of using these dies, love the foil one!

  4. Wow Ann - love your card - it is gorgeous, and I really like that die, along with the instructions you did. tfs