Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Salmon Poppies

I used to have salmon colored poppies in my garden in upstate New York; they were one of my favorite flowers.   Poppies have such delicate petals with intricate edges and this poppy die, to me, seems so realistic.

For this card, I used the Sue Wilson Lattice Stitched Frames and also the Sue Wilson Exquisite Poppy.  To make the poppy, I cut two of each of the 3 largest flowers in the set.  I colored the paper with Cosmic Shimmer Scarlet Woman Colour Cloud Blending Ink.  This gave the paper a really dark salmon look that I was going for.

After coloring and embossing the petals (the dies have really intricate lines in them that you will definitely want to emboss with your tan mat in your machine), I flipped them over on a foam mat and rolled a stylus around each petal.  Then I flipped them back on their good side and rolled the stylus just in the very center, pushing down as hard as I could.  This gives the petals a lot of dimension.

Before putting the flower together, I always adhere the petals in layers with foam tape in between.    First, I adhered each of the same sized petals to each other, staggering them so there were no empty spots between the petals.  I like to use Cosmic Shimmer PVA glue as it is super strong and dries quickly.  It also has a very fine tip that doesn't clog.  I know I've used other glues before that constantly clog after each use and it's so time consuming unclogging them.  Not with this PVA glue.  I can leave the cap off in between each use and it still doesn't clog.

After each of the sets of petals was adhered to their mate, I then layered them on top of each other with a piece of foam tape in between them for even more dimension.  The final step was to adhere one of the stamens that comes in the set:

This is what the Poppy die set looks like:

For the lattice background, I just cut the lattice die once then covered the outside with a frame from the Frantic Stamper Elementals #1 because the frame was smaller than the frame that comes in the set with the lattice.  I didn't want a big card with the lattice this time but I will post one in a few that shows the lattice in it's full size.

I used the Nellie Snellen Floral Punch Large Branch for the leaves, sticking in a few between each poppy.

All of the products used to make my card are available at Ecstasy Crafts.


  1. Your flowers are lovely and I think they look great against the lattice!!

  2. What a stunning card! I just ordered these poppies and am waiting for them to arrive. I'm even more excited now to play with them after seeing your beautiful creation. Thanks for all the helpful tips!! I've never thought to use dimensional adhesive to add more depth. Genius!!