Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cute Carnivores

When I saw these dinosaurs in the Ecstasy Crafts store, I thought they'd be way too detailed to cut out nicely,  but I was wrong.  As you can tell by looking at them, all the detailed pieces cut perfectly without any rips or tears.  

These dinosaurs bring back memories of my preschool teaching days.  I had one girl, yes a girl, in my 4/5 yr old class who knew EVERYTHING about dinosaurs.  I actually let her teach a class one day, she knew so much.

The volcano in the background was made using the Joy Crafts Winter die shown here:

Joy Crafts Skiis Mountain Landscape

The mountain has all those embossed lines in it which I used to make the volcano.  I covered the lines with a glue pen then rubbed on some Cosmic Shimmer Mulled Wine Gilding Flakes.

The tiny rocks come in a set called Campsite.

 I only used two of the dinosaurs that come in the set.  These are others you also get:

Tessler Crafts Dinosaurs

I know I'll be making more cards with these dinosaurs.  I already have one in mind for the herbivores.

All of these products are available at Ecstasy Crafts.


  1. Such a fun card! Ann, I especially like the torn paper hills, and the two colors used in both dinosaurs' bodies! Can hardly wait to see the herbivores! Too cute about the little dinosaur expert teaching the class. Maybe she will grow up to become a teacher now! Fantastic design! Hugs gs, de

  2. Very cool, and dinosaur fan would just love this, great detail on the dies!

  3. These are so fun and the torn paper is perfect