Saturday, August 20, 2016

Halloween Treat Bags Tutorial

Front side (above)

Back side (above)

This year I wanted to make my own Halloween Trick or Treat bags to give to my neighbors who have very young girls under the age of 6.  I tried to use embellishments on the bags that weren't too scary for them.  The Frantic Stamper Cute Halloween Icons worked out great for this.  I also used the Frantic Stamper Witch Riding Broom, Spider Web and Pinprick Circles.  Here is what the dies look like:

Frantic Stamper Cute Halloween Icons

Pinprick Circles

Spider Web (I detached it from the frame)

Witch Riding Broom

I also used the Frantic Stamper Elementals #1 to make the bags.  The Elementals #1 is a great set of dies to have if you make a lot of  A2 sized cards -- it cuts out a nice frame and also cuts the center stitched rectangle at the same time:

To make the bags, cut two of the Elementals #1 on  80 lb.  cardstock or heavy pattern paper.  We will be using the stitched rectangle that is in the center of the frame, but save the frame to use on a future card.

Place the two stitched rectangles so they are back to back; the stitching should show on the front one and on the back one when you flip them over.  This will allow the handles to line up perfectly when you cut the two together.   Place the small rounded rectangle on top of the two you just cut out to make the handles for the bags, and cut through both at the same time if your machine allows.

Next we need the "bag" part that holds the candy.  Cut a piece of 80 lb cardstock or heavier to a size of 3" x 12".  Place it on your scoring board so the 12" side is across the top and score at 4 3/8" and 
7 5/8":

Turn the paper so the 3" side is across the top, and score at 1/2" and 2 1/2".

Fold all of the score lines.  Cut triangles into the intersecting score lines, stopping at the intersection.  This makes the flaps close easier when assembling the bag:

Flip the paper over and adhere 1/4" double sided tape to the edges as shown:

Now is a good time to embellish the front and back of your bag before assembling it.  Decorate the two panels you cut handles in to and then proceed.

Line one of the panels with the handles on it (can be the front or the back; it doesn't matter) just above the scored line in the middle section of your 12" strip, good side face up,  and adhere it just above the score line:

Do the same for the other panel:

Flip the entire paper over and bring one of the sides with the tape on it to the panel you just adhered, lining it up as close to the edge of the panel as possible for a nice clean look.

Adhere the opposite side to the same panel:

Do the same for the other side, making sure you are lining the sides up as close to the edge of the top and bottom panels.  I find it easiest to have the decorated panels on a flat surface and bring the sides of the bag down to the panel so you have a hard surface to work on.

The finished size of your bag is 3 1/4 wide x 4 1/2" high x 2" deep.  These bags will hold a lot of candy or other treats such as pencils and crayons.

You can even cover the cardstock sides with pattern paper if you want, but do that before assembling the bags.

I stamped a greeting on the tags that I cut out using the same die from the Elementals #1 that we used to cut the handles into the bags.  This is the stamp set I used:

Add some Halloween ribbon, sequins, etc. and your bags are ready to fill.

All of the products I used to make these bags are available at Ecstasy Crafts.

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  1. very clever and these will be great for them, they are going to just love them!!