Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ecstasy Crafts: Spooky Card

I'm back with another card using the Marianne Design Creatables Leaf Doily.  This spiderweb doily makes such a good background for both Fall and Halloween cards.  I also wanted to show that you can use the Sue Wilson Starry Night Sky for cards other than just for Christmas.

I used the Chevron Borders and Edgers die by Frantic Stamper to make the pointy edge on my rosette.  I also used the Round Scalloped Vignette  and the Round Vignette BOO Insert for the top of the rosette, also by Frantic Stamper.

To make the rosette, I first cut a strip of paper that was 1.5" wide by 12" long.  If you want a smaller rosette, reduce the width of your strip from 1.5" to 1" or 1.25".

 I then cut along one of the long edges of the paper with the Chevron Edge die, lining it up after the first cut to make the continuous next 6" cut.  After that was done, I placed the paper on a scoring board horizontally (landscape) and scored every 1/4", scoring down in each of the valleys and at the very top of each of the peaks.  I had to reposition the paper every now and then so the peaks and valleys would line up perfectly with the score lines, but that was easy enough to do.

The next step is to fan fold the strip of paper along each of the score lines:

Bring the two ends of the strip together to see if the last section of each strip has a peak or a valley fold.  You want one of each so if you have two of the same fold, just cut one off along the score line.

Place a strip of double sided tape or use liquid adhesive on one of the ends of the strip and adhere it to the opposite end of the strip, overlapping the two so the folds are continuously peak/valley/peak/valley, etc.

Now you need to decide which side of the rosette will be the top side that will show on your card and which will be the bottom.  You want to take a punched out circle that is about 1.5" diameter (or hand cut one, it doesn't have to be perfect) and hot glue it to the center of the side that will be the bottom of the rosette.  Push down on the "bracelet" ring until you have a flat circle, then adhere the punched out circle with hot glue:

When the glue is drying, flip the rosette over carefully, trying not to let it pop up, and press down on the good side, making sure it lays flat on the table.  It will look like this from the good side:

Now you can cover the center with whatever you choose.  I used the Round Scalloped Vignette on mine.  Here are some other rosettes, all with the pointy edge from the Chevron die:

I filled the center of the Round Scalloped Vignette with the BOO Insert.  I love the drippy goo look to this die:

The yellow circle is 1 3/8" diameter.  It fits under the BOO die perfectly.  You can use either a punch or a circle die for this.

Other products I used to make this card include:

All of these products are available at the Ecstasy Crafts store.  I hope you will give these rosettes a try.  

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  1. Oh I just love how you used the dies in this one, pretty rosette for the center, love that color purple, the whole card has great color combo!