Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Thankful Card Two Ways

This card was made using an embossing folder, sandable cardstock, and gilding wax.

I started off embossing a lightly spritzed piece of brown Coordinations cardstock that is sandable.  This means it has a different colored core to it than the outside color.  You could also make this card on white cardstock.

The embossing folder I used is the Nellie's Choice Leaves.  It is 8 1/4" x 11 7/8".  This is what it looks like:

Embossing Folder A4 size - Leaves

If your embossing machine doesn't allow folders this large, you can cut the folder down to fit your machine.  Just take one of the plates from your machine, place it on top of your folder, and carefully cut around the edge of the plate with a craft knife or sharp scissors.  You need to leave the folded hinge at the top of your cut out folder in order for the top and bottom pieces of the folder to line up exactly and emboss correctly.

After the paper was embossed, I sanded just the leaves lightly with a sanding block.  This sanding block only costs $1.00 so I always pick up a few at a time even though one block lasts quite a while.

Once it is sanded down, it will have white outlines around the leaves.  I then dabbed some Patina gilding wax on my finger and lightly applied it to some of the leaves.

Then I used come Cast Bronze gilding wax for the rest of the leaves.

This was pretty as it is but I wanted to get some gold in there so I went over the entire card very lightly with some Golden Light gilding wax.  This gave a really nice shine to the edges of the leaves and the background:

Again, I could have left it like it is but I wanted to bring back some of the original brown from the paper.  If you are using white paper, you can also do this following step.

I applied some brown water based ink that I had diluted heavily and brushed it over the entire embossed paper.  This filled in any areas on the paper that didn't get covered with gilding wax.  It also gave a more defined look around the leaves, I think.

After rubbing off the excess ink with a paper towel, I used a heat gun to dry the paper.

The last step was to adhere the word Thankful to my cut out flag and adhere the card panel to my card base.

You can also flip the embossed paper over and apply gilding wax to the debossed side for a totally different look:

I used Amethyst, Golden Light, Cast Bronze and Vintage Berry gilding wax.  Just rub in on with a finger then smooth down with a soft cloth if desired.

I then added some leaves from the Marianne Design Leaf Doily die set.  The purple leaves were turned over so the embossed veins would show, then I rubbed on some gilding wax.  The copper colored leaves were left as is to show how deep the veins are cut into the leaves.

  The image below is a good example for showing the difference between embossing where the letters are raised up on the card and debossing where the letters are pressed into the card:

Image result for emboss vs deboss

I hope you'll give this a try.  Gilding wax is unique over just using inks on embossed papers in that they give a shiny look to the card.
All of the products I used to make my card are available at Ecstasy Crafts.

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  1. Oooh! Ann, you are the EF Queen! Love your technique- thanks for explaining it so well! Beautiful card, and wonderful samples. Thanks for always inspiring me, Ann. Hugs, de

  2. WOW it looks simply amazing Ann....Thank you so much for sharing all the useful and wonderful techniques
    Dr Sonia

  3. Beautiful cards, you do such a great job with that wax and I love the colors, love how you used the watered down ink on the first, so pretty with the gold embossed sentiment!