Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rose Leaf Embossing Folder Two Ways

When I first saw this Rose Leaf embossing folder at Ecstasy Crafts, I thought to myself "that would make for a really pretty stamp".  Do you ever see embossing folders that you wish were stamps and vice-versa?  It happens to me a lot.

After embossing my water color paper, I used the side with the raised veins in the leaves for my first card:

I rubbed on some Creative Expressions Vintage Golden Green gilding wax over the veins and rubbed some Amethyst gilding wax on the "seeds" of the raspberries.  

I then used some water based ink to paint in the green leaves, and I used some Cosmic Shimmer Colour Cloud Decadent Wine Blending Ink to paint in the berries.  Next I took a paper pencil and dipped it in some Golden Light gilding wax to get the gold dots on the card.

For the second card, I embossed another piece of water color paper that I spritzed with water to get some really deep embossing.  This time I used the opposite side of the paper than what I used on the first card.  The veins in the leaves are debossed, not raised up.

I used some Vintage Golden Green gilding wax on the leaves and Amethyst gilding wax on the berries.  This card has a very vintage look to it IRL with the green gilding wax on the leaves.  It's not a bright green; it is toned down a bit with the mix of gold in it and is actually a very pretty color.

Ecstasy Crafts carries 35 different colors of gilding wax.  Some are listed under the above highlighted words and others are here.

Creative Expressions Gilding Wax (10 ml)      Creative Expressions Gilding Wax Colours by Phill Martin

So, by using water colors on my first card, I actually (kind of) turned the embossing folder into a stamp.

Thanks for taking a look -- Ann.

All of these products are available at Ecstasy Crafts.


  1. Ann, these are fabulous! I love the embossing and the colors you've added. When you say you "rubbed on" the color, do you use your finger or is there an applicator? I really want to try these and am so hesitant. Your cards are so lovely!

    1. Birgit, I use my finger to rub on gilding wax. Start lightly and build up for a deeper color. It's very easy to do once you get the hang of it....and it washes off quickly with soap and water too. I dab the wax on the "ball" of my fingertip and do flat light strokes for big areas, then wax up the end of my fingertip and lightly dab it on for the smaller areas.

  2. They are both just beautiful, love your color choices in each and so neat to see it done with both emboss and deboss