Sunday, September 4, 2016

You Are Fang-tastic

(front of the card)

(inside of the card)

I had seen stamps that say "You Are Fangtastic" but when I saw the new "fantastic" word die come out, I immediately thought of how to add a "g" to the word, thus changing it to what I wanted.  I had to wait for the die to come in before I could see exactly what font on my other word dies would go with it.  Luckily enough, the letter "g" from the word "Spring" fit perfectly.

The other dies I used are:

Did you know Ecstasy Crafts has an online card gallery?  They also have card samples to look at when you click on most products they sell.  For example, if you want to see other cards using the Vampire die, just enter the item number FRA9944, the vampire die comes up, click on it and then you will see all the other cards that have the Vampire on it.

All of the above products are available at the Ecstasy Crafts store.