Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Sweet Petunia

This is my sweet Petunia.  I think the E collar she is wearing looks like a Petunia.

Kyra is recovering well from her TPLO surgery last Tuesday.  She gets her staples taken out on Saturday and then will be able to go for short walks once again.  She can't wait.  She has been such a trooper staying at home with me while our other dog goes for her walk.  But I can tell Kyra is ready for a change of scenery.  Next week we will increase her pen size, probably almost doubling it.  She'll still have to be kept separated from her mother, our other dog so they don't play.

Our veterinarian is the one who asked if we had a soft E collar for Kyra when we went to see her yesterday.  Kyra does not like the typical plastic hard E collars; who can blame her.  She'd bump into everything with it on; it was so big.  This soft E collar is much smaller and still does the job.

If you need a soft E collar, just measure the neck size of your dog AND the snout to neck distance as well.  Compare the snout to neck size with the width of the soft E collar to be sure the collar is just slightly bigger than the snout to neck size of your dog.  This will make sure the collar will do it's job.

Hopefully just one more day of having to wear this E collar then Kyra will feel so much better.

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  1. I have never seen the soft ones like that, I imagine she is sad to see the others going out for a walk, hope she is one the mend quickly :)