Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pet Sympathy Cards

I saw some pet sympathy cards on a blog called Shoe Girls Cards by Lisa Swarm and thought they were so elegant looking that I wanted to try doing the same.  I used the Pawing Around Dog (S4-515) and Pawing Around Cat (S4-516) by Spellbinders.  The Pet Sympathy (16201) stamps come in a set by Dare 2B Artzy.

I wanted to add the rainbow bridge poem to the cards in some way but ended up just using the rainbow colors for the background instead.  Boy, did I wipe away a lot of tears as I was on Pinterest reading all the different versions of the Rainbow Bridge.  You can find the rainbow background paper on Pinterest here.


  1. Oh Ann, these are so lovely and so fitting for such a time. I love the rainbow background and am wishing my printer was working. It's been gone for months now and I'm not as lost as I used to be without it but after seeing these cards, I'm wishing I had some to create these lovely cards with. You've enabled me and now I want every one of these dies and stamps! I just love friends who enable. ;0)

  2. It sure does tug at your heart and these are just so sweet, lovely sentiments on them