Friday, March 24, 2017

Magnolia Rhapsody

The Magnolia trees in our area all lost their beautiful buds during the nor'easter last week.  We won't be seeing any of the beautiful tulip-like blooms nor smell the fragrance they give off this year.

Even though this stamp I used on my card is called Magnolia Rhapsody by Penny Black, it doesn't come very close to replacing the magnificent blooms of a real Magnolia tree.  Sorry this post is on the sad side, but I look out at our Magnolia tree every day and see the wilted brown buds that were just a day away from blooming when the weather turned cold.  On the other hand, we do have our Forsythia bush that is full of yellow blooms.

Items used:  Penny Black Magnolia Rhapsody, Sue Wilson Pacific Ocean Collection background die, Penny Black Sentiment Collection clear stamp set


  1. This is beautiful Ann! Yes, we have a magnolia tree that is just glorious to look at when it's in full bloom. It will be a while before we get to enjoy it since were are still covered in snow. Until then, I'll enjoy your gorgeous creations!

  2. Oh my you did a beautiful job with this stamp, those flowers are sorry to hear that you were unable to see your tree bloom, we had a few days enjoyment of the ones in our area before the hard frost came and just made all the flowers turn brown and curl up, so glad to hear some of your flowers made it and are blooming :)