Sunday, April 1, 2018

May Basket Tutorial

This tutorial is for the fringe style basket shown above.

Start off by choosing a container for the basket, depending on the size desired.  For this basket I used a large yogurt container and cut it down.  I also cut off a piece of the container for the handle:

You can also use a round cardboard canister or buy some paper ice cream cups (Hobby Lobby).

To make the fringe, I used some crepe paper streamers from Hobby Lobby.   I taped one end of the streamer roll to a table then measured out one foot length, folded it at the end and brought the streamers back to the first end for another foot, folded the end, ran it back to the opposite end again, (fan folding) and did this eight times per color.

Using a pair of fringe scissors (Martha Stewart brand), I cut the fringe about a third of the width of the streamer.  If you put the stack of streamers into the scissors all the way when the scissors are open, it produces a better and easier cut.  Do not cut at the ends of the streamers where the folds are (but if you accidentally do, it's not a big deal; the streamers can still be used).

When the fringe is all cut, open the streamer from it's fan fold, and manually cut fringes into the ends where the folds were but leaving the streamer as one long continuous piece.

Before adhering the fringe streamer, adhere your decorated  handle to the inside of the container.  I covered the handle with wrapped streamers.   Also decide whether you will cover the inside of the container with fringed streamers or something else.  If you are going to adhere something to the inside,  it's easier to do it before adhering the streamers to the outside of the container.

Next, decide what adhesive to use.  I used some white glue but then decided to switch to double sided tape which was cleaner to work with.  The glue wets through the streamers which was somewhat hard to hold on to.  Wrap a ring of double sided adhesive about a 1/4" down from the top of your container and begin adhering the streamer, leaving a good amount of fringe above the top of the container.  Once you've gone around the container one time, adhere another strip of double sided tape just below the bottom straight edge of your first round of fringe and continue wrapping and adhering the fringe until that color of streamer is done.

Cut another color of streamer and fringe it, adhere it, etc. until the entire container is covered.  Decorate the handle with a fringe flower or other crepe paper flower, ribbons, butterflies, etc.  You can even adhere a piece of decorative ribbon around the bottom of the container below the last row of fringe.

For more ideas on how to decorate the baskets, go to my Pinterest board which has videos on making crepe paper flowers, along with a lot of other basket ideas.

I still have more baskets to make, so I'll try other methods and post photos later.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann


  1. Such cuteness, Ann! Sweet basket idea for any occasion, depending on colors and embellishments! You are so innovative to do this. Those MS scissors are in my stash as well! Beautifully done, Ann! hugs, de

  2. These are so sweet..they look like so much fun to make too!

  3. Oh my, these are adorable Ann! What a lot of work but so worth the effort. I love these baskets wrapped in the fringy papers. So, so cute!!