Tuesday, May 15, 2018

First Attempt at Mixed Media

Now that my nieces and nephews are older (except for Ronan who just turned 4) and most are in high school, I don't have a need to make cutsey cards.  I've wanted to get into mixed media art for a few years but wasn't ready to make the switch until now.  It's a pretty expensive hobby compared to card making, for me anyways, since I didn't have any of the materials needed.

I started off with some easy ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) since they are smaller and don't require quite as much on them.  I kept them simple since I didn't know how they would turn out.  I found something similar to these online and basically used on sale or clearance embellishments from Michaels.

To start off, I crumbled some white tissue paper and glued it to the chipboard ATCs then dried them with a heat gun.   Then I adhered the embellishments.  Next I brushed on some black gesso covering everything.  In hindsight, it would have been easier to paint the black gesso on the tissue covered chipboard before adhering the embellishments since it was hard getting the gesso down into all the tiny spaces.

I used plastic buttons and a heart that I've had for years but bought the lock, flower and keys for 57 cents at Michaels.  Those micro beads and buttons I couldn't sell at my garage sale came in very handy:

The next step was to rub on some Finnabair Art Alchemy waxes to highlight the raised areas.  I only bought a few of these waxes locally at Michaels.  Lucky for me the entire Finnabair line was 40% off.

This was a good way to learn how to apply the waxes as you can tell I was a little heavy handed in some areas.  

My dilemma with mixed media art is "what do I do with it after it's done"?  It's too heavy and bulky to mail to any of my family, not that any of my family would want this kind of thing anyways.

It is fun though and allows me to learn something new and be super creative.  It's also a huge stress reliever -- these thunder storms we're having are stressing my dogs out like crazy.  They never used to be bothered by noises but now that they are older (12 and 13 yrs old), one of them just shakes non-stop.  It's super stressful when there's not much I can do to help them.

(love my giant Hostas)

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann


  1. You are really good at mixed media! I don't often do much with that, but it sure looks fun!

  2. Gasp! Your Hostas are magnificent! They won't grow here so it is always a pleasure seeing the beautiful specimens grown in my friends' yards! WOW! Ann, thanks for your recent kind comment on my blog. Loving your first attempt at mixed media - NEVER would I have guessed that these are first attempts! Each one is GORGEOUS with the colors of those waxes. Your finished product is AMAZING and so rich! Congrats on your new techniques (and what a great buy from Michaels!) hugs, de