Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Haunted House with Back Porch

This is similar to the first haunted house I made but not exactly the same.  It has a back side to it to help stabilize it -- it's what I call the back porch:

There's a cemetary, cat under the porch and a witch.  I had to fill this area with something but didn't want more tiny bottles and things that I used on the front side.

Above is just a close-up of the top portion of the front side.  I used a collection of miniatures from Joann Fabric, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I packed this up real good with a lot of bubble wrap and extra firm cardboard in the box as it's on it's way from Maryland to my parent's house in upstate NY via the Post Office.  When I brought it to the post office this morning, I put it on the counter where drop-offs go, and the lady behind the counter picked it up and THREW it in the bin for the truck.  I looked at her and told her "that was fragile"..... thank goodness I packed it up good.  Now that I said that to her she probably took it to the back room and stomped on it.  I normally have success with this post office but not today.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann


  1. How SCARY! This is one awesome haunted house with lots of scary stuff all over! Hopefully your trusty hot glue gun will keep everything in tact, Ann, because I know your recipient will be excited to receive it! You are SO THOUGHTFUL to do these special things for the young people in your family. I have enjoyed seeing all your ghostly creations this season - they truly are incredible! I imagine you had lots of fun with them! huggers, de

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  3. Wow, your Haunted House is fantastic! So much detail and love was put into this. I am sure your parents will enjoy this and that it arrived safely, Ann. :)