Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Shadow Box

I have been working on this shadow box for over a month; I had a lot of creative block when trying to figure out how to lay out all the components.  The overall size is 16 x 20.

I'm not sure if this was a printer's tray originally or what it was......I bought the wooden tray itself at GoodWill for $3.  I still might dry brush some white paint to the exterior edges to give it a more rustic look.

When I went to take out my Christmas decorations this year, I realized they were taking up a lot of room by being stored and wrapped individually.  Most of what I have are gifts from my pre-K students over the years.  I thought it would be nice to have all those mementos in one spot so I could look at them all together at the same time and also store them a lot easier.

I did buy some miniature things to fill in the areas as I like shadow boxes that are full and have little blank space (which is totally opposite of my card making style which is clean and simple).

Here are some close-up shots:

My husband asked what the significance of the corn cob pipe was -- do you know?   It's from Frosty the Snowman but I couldn't fit it in the section with all the snowmen.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

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  1. Wowza Ann I love this shadow box and I can see why it took you a month to create it really has so many amazing details. Truly a work of card. I forgot the reference to the corncob but yes it is from Frosty the Snowman.