Sunday, December 9, 2018

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

This is my first attempt at making anything with wine corks; and no, I don't like wine.

I had seen on craigslist where someone had two huge 30 gallon bags of wine corks for FREE.  They aren't the real cork ones though; they are the rubbery plastic ones which are almost impossible to cut.  But they are soft enough that I could poke a hole in them and glue on a wooden skewer.

I started off with a styrofoam cone base that I bought at Goodwill for 50 cents.  All the other parts of the tree I already had from previous years and was glad to finally have a chance to use some of it.  The round wooden base is a box from Michaels that I bought years ago to use in a ribbon loom class I taught.  I glued the lid to the box itself then glued the cone to that.

Here's a process photo showing the corks with the skewer pieces in them.  I actually cut the skewers into 5-6 equal pieces; I also had the skewers left over from a previous craft.

Starting from the bottom, I began putting a little hot glue on the ends of the skewers that were already pierced into the corks and attaching them in an upward fashion.  I filled in the empty spaces with the miniature ornaments and berries, which were also waiting for years in the basement to be used some day.

Super quick and fairly easy to make.  The whole tree was complete in one day, and I only seriously burned one finger with the hot glue plus ruined one pair of pants when an ornament with hot glue fell on my lap.  My husband can attest to the number of times I complained about how I really don't like using glue guns.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully I can make some wreaths or do other crafts with these corks and will share them shortly.

Happy Holidays! ~~ Ann

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