Friday, February 22, 2019

Altered Compact Mirrors

A few more altered compact mirrors (cosmetic mirrors) for my upcoming Christmas in July sale to raise money for our local humane society.

I filled each mirror with clear glue and fake snow on the bottom base, then once dry, glued on the miniature figurines that I found at various thrift stores this past holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann


  1. They are beautiful, Ann! You seem to be having Christmas all year long with these delightful crafts for the Humane Society. Thanks for watching out for them. I think of the joy the recipients of your decorations will be, and smile! Wishing you a great week-end! hugs, de

  2. (sorry, I leave my message as a comment because I didn't find contact form on your blog, hoping you'll see it soon.
    Please answer directly to my email address elise.amann(at)

    Hello Ann !
    I'm writting an article for the issue 50 of the french magazine called "Passion cartes créatives".
    The subject is "silhouettes and again the light scenes"...
    I wish to show your beautiful cards (seen here : within this article.
    Would you agree with that ?
    (if you have other cards you want to share with our readers, they would be welcome !)
    If yes, could you please send me as soon as possible a high resolution photo of your creation (without watermark on it) ?
    Of course, your name or pen name if you want will appear next to the image, and the address of your blog will be in the address book.
    Thank you in advance for your quick answer, even if it is negative, so that I can get organized (I have to give my paper very soon).
    Best Regards, Elise AMANN