Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hallmark Ornament Decor

1993 Bearingers of Victoria  Circle -- Mama

1989 Christmas Kitty #1

1991 Glee Club Bears -- Tender Touches Collection

1991 Plum Delightful -- Tender Touches Collection
(lacy floral ribbon around the edge of pail)

1991 Plum Delightful -- Tender Touches Collection
(flat lacy ribbon around the top edge)

Since I found the first Glee Club Bears retired Hallmark ornament at GoodWill a few weeks ago for less than a dollar, I fell in love with those adorable bears and bought duplicates at Hooked On, along with some other really cute animal ornaments such as the racoon, cat and momma bear baking cookies.

These will all be for sale at my next garage sale to raise money for our local humane society.  Details on the garage sale will be posted on my Facebook page and on my blog once a date is set.  I will also have a lot of my paper cutting dies for sale, as well as stamps.

I also made more of the cosmetic compact mirror decor:

Tulip puffy paint and glitter for the base

Kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus from Etsy

Glue and fake snow for the base above

Above left has puffy paint and glitter base whereas the one on above right has just clear glue and glitter for more of a frozen lake effect.

I left this one alone for the base so it would get the mirror effect.

I'd really like to get your opinion as to which base of the compact mirrors looks best and will sell best if you could leave a comment for me.  Thank you!


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