Friday, August 30, 2019

One More Buffalo Plaid Wreath

This is the last of the red and black Buffalo Plaid ribbon I have.  I was able to make one last wreath for the garage sale to benefit the Baltimore Humane Society.

I used an 18" straw wreath base and covered it with a layer of burlap ribbon and two layers of Buffalo Plaid ribbon.  It's very light weight to hang.  The berries and bow are attached with a floral pin so they can be easily removed.

Details on the garage sale will be coming shortly.  I'm hoping to have it the last weekend in September.

Thanks for looking ~ Ann

Monday, August 26, 2019

Dream Catcher Wreath

This is a 10" styrofoam wreath wrapped in twine.  The beads are white pearl beads from Joann Fabric and Michaels that I colored with various alcohol inks to get a somewhat vintage look.

I strung the beads from the ends of the bow that was made out of raffia, then unraveled the raffia ends to prevent the beads from slipping off.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Smaller Christmas Ornament Wreath

This wreath was made using an 11" styrofoam ring wrapped in charcoal colored tinsel garland.  

This is only the second ornament wreath I've made, and I've learned a lot through trial and error.  First, you don't want to wrap the wreath form with too much tinsel garland or the ornaments won't adhere well.   It's better if there are tiny gaps in the garland so the ornaments can adhere to the form itself.

I've also found that plastic ornaments adhere much better than the glass ones.  Plus, if one glass ornament breaks while it's on the wreath, the whole wreath is ruined.  So I'm sticking with the shatterproof plastic ones which are also a little less expensive.

The ornaments around the outer ring are 2.5".  They're pretty big for a wreath but I wanted to use them up.  I'm stuck looking for more ornaments in the stores now for future wreaths; I haven't found ornaments anywhere other than at Hobby Lobby.  It's too early in the season I guess.  I can't even find the tinsel garland in the stores so I will probably be switching to another type of craft until the stores start stocking Christmas things.

First I ran out of corks for the cork wreaths, now the ornaments.  I may have to start working on Halloween things.

Thanks for taking a look ~ Ann

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Christmas Ornament Wreath

I had been wanting to make one of these wreaths for a while since I saw them on Pinterest.  Once you get the bigger ornaments on, it goes together quite quickly and easily.

I used an 18" styrofoam ring for the base and wrapped it with some gold Christmas garland that I got last year at GoodWill.  The object of the wreath is to hide as much of the garland as possible, filling in all the tiny areas with miniature ornaments.

I used shatterproof ornaments as they stick much easier with the hot glue and won't break.  Most of the ornaments were purchased over the past year at various thrift stores but the smaller ornaments that I used for fillers were purchased at Hobby Lobby recently at 40% off.  I love how this store has their Christmas stock on the shelves already.

The bow is from the party dept. at Hobby Lobby.

This wreath will be for sale at my garage sale for the local shelters but if anyone locally wants to purchase anything they've seen online so far, feel free to contact me and we can make arrangements to get together so you can see the items available and discuss prices.   One hundred percent of the money goes toward the shelters.  

Email me at

Thanks for looking ~ Ann

Friday, August 16, 2019

Semi-Vintage Cork Tree

I call this tree semi-vintage because it has vintage greenery from pre-1950, a vintage Christmas bulb, and vintage red / gold beads.  It's made with real wine corks hot glued onto to a paper mache tree form.

If I can muster up more free corks somewhere, I will make more trees with other vintage Christmas decorations on them.  This tree will be available at my garage sale for the local animal shelters coming up in late September.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Grapes on a Real Cork Wreath

The previous wreath I made similar to this was with synthetic corks; this one is with real corks that were donated by a local restaurant.  There are over 300 corks on the wreath.

The base is a straw wreath from Hobby Lobby that I wrapped with burlap so the corks would stick better.  The grapes and bow are also from Hobby Lobby.  They are held on with wire so they can be removed and changed out for Fall flowers or something different.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Monday, August 5, 2019

Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Taking a break from cork crafts for a day and decided to make a wrapped wreath using some buffalo plaid ribbon.

It's an 18" straw wreath base wrapped with 2.5" wide ribbon.  The greenery and berries were left over from 2018 and are the last of the stock I have on hand.   

Ever since one of my sisters gave me some buffalo plaid hand towels, I've been collecting home decor items that have buffalo  plaid on them.  But this wreath will go up for sale at the garage sale, along with everything else on my blog from my 2019 posts.

~~ Ann

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Cork and Grapes Wreath

This is a  synthetic cork wreath on an 18" styrofoam ring base that is covered with burlap so the corks will stick when hot glued on.  There are 8 rows of corks for a total of 180 corks in all.  Although I do have a lot of real wine corks, I find the synthetic ones are easier to work with.  They are more uniform in size and shape.

The grapes are attached with floral pins so they can be removed.

This will be available for sale at my Fall garage sale.  All proceeds will benefit the local animal shelters.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann